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  • Hello, I ve got the following problem in my multisite installation: When I upload a new plugin, it does not show up on a few of my blogs. What can I do? Thanks

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  • Are you network activating the plugin? Becasue that makes it active on all blogs, and thus does not need to be shown in subsites. becasue it’s already active.

    thanks, I know. But I want to activate blog by blog- I do not want it on all blogs.


    DO NOT network activate it. Then just go to the blog you want and activate it. If it’s not showing up, make sure you’re viewing the right page (that is show ALL plugins). Remember the plugins page paginates at 20 now 🙂

    and the plugins page defaults to show active ones, not all plugins available.

    I checked that: in network admin I have 20 plugins (all plugins) and in some blogs of the network I only have 12 plugins (all plugins) available.

    Of your 20 plugins that you see on Network Admin, how many are Network Activated? Remember, yuo WILL NOT see them on the sub-sites 🙂 So if you have 8 network activated, that makes sense.

    I have only one network activated.

    Which plugins do not show up?

    plugins that I add do not show up and I just saw that plugins that I delete still do show up in the subsite. So it seems that plugin changes on network admin are not transfered to the subsite

    plugins that I delete still do show up in the subsite.

    Not on my install.

    Are you caching? And the sub site are in the network of sites, not another install?

    yes it is a multisite domain mapping instalation. And it worked before. But now I have that problem on some of the subsites not on all

    Well you’re going to have to give us more to go on other than “it doesn’t work”.

    . And it worked before.

    this usually means a plugin you’ve added since is now making it not work.

    propably you are right. I have that problem on 2 blogs where the plugins of the network admin are not actualized. I deactivated all plugins on these 2 blogs. Latest I installed seopower and headspace2. Do I have to delete these 2 blogs?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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