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  • This plugin is junk. I have tried to get it working in WP 3.2.1 and 3.3 and nothing happens. The links seem to be right but when you click on it the page that comes up says it’s not protected and after filing a support ticket and waiting a month not one tech even bothered to reply, only some low level person did who claimed they passed the ticket to a technician which never replied.

    Crappy plugins like this should be removed from here so other people don’t waste there time.

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  • Plugin Author NewClarity



    First, are you expecting to see the badges on the front page of your site? Perhaps where your blog displays just the first few sentences of a post? Or are you looking for the badge on the (individual) post page? The plugin will display on the latter but not the former.

    Second, can you tell me about the theme you are using?

    Third, can you provide details about your configuration? Is this running on a hosted server or a personal build? Your phpinfo() is a good start. I can recommend Server Buddy ( as a good diagnostic tool.

    Last, will the badge display in a sidebar if you use it as a widget?


    The badges worked.. the generated link worked. Checking if the page/article was protected didn’t.

    There is nothing wrong with the server or theme as it works for another site using the same theme on the same server. The error has to be on the dmca side and the only way to know what is going on is to look at any log files and it seems no one there understands that.

    I am not wasting my time with this plugin anymore. If I couldn’t get help via the support at dmca website I sure as hell won’t get any help here.

    I develop wordpress plugins and not a newbie here. I’m not going to be schooled like I’m a newbie.

    If you want to read the issue in depth read the ticket for it ==> DMCA-CASE #10024

    Plugin Author Mike Schinkel


    Scott – Why do you think you would not get help here?

    DCMA hired us to handle the development of the plugin and support on an as-requested basis. We just learned of your issue today. We are able to support the plugin whereas DMCA does not have in-house expertise related to WordPress plugins

    If you are still interested in getting this working, we can definitely help you get it to work. If you want to see my background and depth of knowledge and experience, you can check out my WordPress Answers.

    I don’t have direct access to the DMCA case notes that you reference, but I will ask DMCA if we can get access. In the mean time, if you can copy the context of the ticket maybe we can expedite a resolution?

    Plugin Author NewClarity


    I’ve located your DMCA support request for you, but I will need to know a bit more to track this down. Can you share the URL of the site where you want the badge to appear? It isn’t HTTPs, correct? I tested the GUID you provided in the support ticket. It is the correct length and the badge appeared on one of my test sites.

    From your message I’m trying to discern whether the badge/image didn’t appear on your website OR that the tracked page didn’t appear in the client area “My Protected Pages”? I created a new badge today, added it to one of my sites, and the site appeared as a tracked site at within 5 minutes.




    I’m having the same problem too.
    My blog is here:
    I’ve installed the plug-in
    I’ve added widget to sidebar which shows
    I right click images and can freely take them, view them, download them
    So frustrating as it sometimes works on my blogger blog, but never has on my WP blogs.

    Can anyone help?


    Plugin Author Taras Mankovski



    I work with @newclarity(the developers of this plugin for

    I think there might be a misunderstanding of the functionality that this plugin provides. (At this point) This plugin only provides the badge, it does not physically prevent people from downloading your images.

    This might be a feature for to consider, but the plugin does not do that now.

    On a slightly different note, you mentioned that this works for you on your blogger blog. Is this functionality provided by badge? Is there a link on website that describes this functionality?

    Thank you,


    I just got to Your page and when I press your DMCA badge it seems protected to me. Your page link is shown and everything works okay..Maybe it can be seen just to a viewers, not to us..which is funny. But I agree with the last member who answer this “sorry I forgot the user name :p)
    I have the same problem, but I registered right through DMCA, can you pleases check it out and answer me what you see at the Verification page?


    Thanks a lot!


    Plugin Author Taras Mankovski


    Hey RVBianca,

    Do you have a DMCA account? or are you using the free service?

    I’m going to get in touch with the creators of the plugin to find out how it’s suppose to work, because there seems to be some confusion.


    Plugin Author Mike Schinkel


    Hi Bianca,

    It looks like you are using the DMCA badge but NOT with the WordPress plugin on your own website, correct?

    This forum is for support of the WordPress plugin only, not general DMCA support. You can get support from DMCA at their website.

    Hope this helps.


    Plugin Author Taras Mankovski


    Hi RVBianca,

    I got in touch with DMCA and they said that it’s not working for you because they are not taking into consideration the products_id which identifies products on your website.

    They’re going to add that, so badge will work on your site.

    With that said, I think what Mike Schinkel said is correct, I don’t think you’re posting in the right forum 🙂


    Thank you SO much Taras and Mike!!! I really appreciate your help.

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