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  • papiliomj


    I would give my eyeteeth to get this great plugin to work on Justin Tadlock’s spiffy Hybrid/Hybrid News themes. Has anyone managed to get it to work?

    When I pop the test text into a post, nothing exciting happens. Seems to me this capability should be built into all theme frameworks… bit of a no-brainer, really… If only I could get it to work.

    Thanks for any help from anybody anywhere!!!

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  • Plugin Author Themeover


    Hi papiliomj,

    If you could post a link to the web page you have been testing DivUp Content on I will see if I can offer any suggestions.


    ps are you aware that DivUp Content does not try to style your content? It simply wraps content in HTML <div> elements so that you can style the content however you like using CSS.



    Hi Seb…

    I’m a noob… so apologies there…

    I want to use DivUp to create multiple columns (divs) for three posts that are on a one-column BLOG PAGE (or a STATIC PAGE used as the home page) with other single-column content… (This is not for posts in their single-post presentation.)

    The plan is to use the Hybrid framework’s child theme Hybrid News ( )… with a one-column layout… with this set of three posts in the middle of the blog/page… promoting the very best content in a Multisite network…

    But… I’m not sure what code to put where in using your plugin…

    Do you have a set of examples for, say, a 2-column post that shows the code in the associated files… A) css… B) the associated template file… and C) the post edit field?

    Can I put a wrapper div around those two divs … and tuck a background image into the wrapper for the SPIRITUALITY, METAPHYSICS, CONSCIOUS LIVING reverse bars… and use css to move both divs down 24px to make room for the reverse bar image to show? Or would all of this explode in WordPress?

    What I want to do would take about 20 minutes to build in html/css… and I’m tearing my hair out trying to get the look I want within the confines of WordPress. I’m half-tempted to just build the thing as a static html/css page and link it together with all of the blogs in the network … but I want the all-network search to show up on this home page… (can you hear my teeth grinding?)

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

    Plugin Author Themeover


    OK, here is some example CSS for you. But first, copy the dummy content from the plugin’s “Installation” tab ( into your static page, and save the page.

    Second, paste this CSS at the bottom of your theme’s style.css file:

    .divup-wrap { overflow:hidden; background: url(path-to/your-bg-image.jpg) no-repeat; }
    .divup { float:left;width:45%;margin-right:10%;margin-bottom:10%; background:yellow; }
    .div-even { margin-right:0; }

    – You don’t need to edit any template files such as page.php

    Now view the page (where you added the dummy content) and you should see that the content in between [divup] shortcodes has been split into squares with yellow backgrounds that occupy half the available space, with a small margin separating them – ie a two-column layout.

    Note, I’ve used percentage units in the CSS above. If the yellow squares don’t stack horizontally, try to work out the pixel width of the .divup-wrap <div> (by inspecting with firebug perhaps) and then change all the percentage units to fixed width units (e.g. 320px).

    Also, if you’re still having trouble, please post a link to the page where you pasted the dummy content – I won’t be able to help you any further unless you do that.

    Best of luck,




    still here… sorry… will give your suggestion a try… and let you know how it goes. Thanks so much.

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