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  • Sorry, this is probably a stupid question but I’m new to Disqus. 🙂

    I’m using Disqus but am also using another plugin which imports comments from YouTube hourly. This plugin is only capable of importing comments into WordPress, not into Disqus so it is possible to have Disqus import new comments from the WP database at regular intervals?

    I see the ‘Sync’ option but I guess this is to transfer data in the other direction?

    Sorry if I’m being stupid and missing something obvious.

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  • ChimpanzeeUK


    Sorry to bump this but I’m still sort of looking for an answer. Since my original post I’ve been manually clicking the “Export comments to Disqus” and this does what I’m after but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this automatically on a regular basis. Could I set up a cron job on my server to do it? If so, can anyone offer any guidance. I’m not very familiar with this.


    Hello ChimpanzeeUK,

    I noticed this was never answered and sort of overdue but figured I’d help you out since I’ve worked a little bit with my theme in terms of integrating Disqus and was looking for this solution but didn’t come across this so I setup my own cron job. It requires access and a bit of knowledge setting up a cron job in Cpanel.

    1. Locate this file /scripts/export-comments.php in your Disqus plugin folder.
    2. Copy complete path to that file, should be /wp-content/plugins/disqus-comment-system/scripts/export-comments.php if you have default plugin installation.
    3. Goto your site’s cpanel and open the Cron Jobs link
    3.a: In the e-mail field put your email
    3.b: Set how you want to run your cron job, every hour? every day? In cpanel you can select the dropdown selection of what you want to do , I chose once an hour which is 0 * * * *.

    4. In the command section put this php -q exportscriptfileurl

    Example: php -q /wp-content/plugins/disqus-comment-system/scripts/export-comments.php

    no output will be generated, except what your script explicitly sends to stdout – which is good.

    The -q flag will keep php quiet and is recommended for running scripts via cron.

    Now you should be exporting comments automatically assumming you got it setup right. If you didnt let me know and I can help troubleshooting.

    Oh yea I meant to add, if that cron command doesn’t work and you receive a ‘No input file specific.’ – try this command instead..

    usr/local/bin/php /wp-content/plugins/disqus-comment-system/scripts/export-comments.php -q

    Thanks Ryan. Yeah, I saw these scripts in the changelog for Disqus plugin update a couple of months ago and set them up on cron. Thanks for replying though. I’m sure your detailed instructions will be very useful for someone who stumbles across this post in future. 🙂

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