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  • Plugin Contributor Tyler Hayes


    Thanks for clarifying. I’m assuming the feature to which you are referring is our Single Sign-On add-on. We’ve recently separated that add-on from our VIP service into its own package, so sites that with their own authentication systems (e.g., WordPress sites using WordPress authentication system or BuddyPress, Drupal sites, custom news platforms, etc.) with which they’d like to integrate Disqus can still use it without having to pay for the extra features of Disqus VIP.

    That new SSO package is currently offered at $99/month or $999/year. More information on, and a link to subscribe to, it can be found at

    Well I think thats extremely expensive 🙁 And I certainly don’t have that type of money.. This is a shame since your comment plugin is the best on the market. If you ever decide to offer a solution that is free or at least affordable to the average consumer please contact me again because I would definitely love to have such a setup on my own site.

    Completly agree with @hornets2002. This is for sure a great add-on, but too expensive…!



    I too completely agree as operator of two gaming communities with under 100 members between to the two. It is said their isn’t a free (or more affordable option) for those smaller guys and/or communities. And no I am not talking about non-profits, there are plenty of non-profits out there who can easily cover these fees. How about, you guys have an open source version that allows so many(50-100) SSO’s per month? And if it is over, you can have it waived it provided you can prove that you are an not in the business of making money community? Just an idea.

    Anyways, thanks for the plugin and support.

    agree with @hornets2002 too.

    I believe most of wp users are that rich to use $99/month, that is expensive for bloggers or small site ownners.



    That is retardedly expensive! Good luck keeping up your rep with that.

    I am reading SSO is free here:

    So I ma a bit confused. Can anyone clarify??



    I wouldn’t trust it. You have to contact them in order to activate it.

    Yes, SSO is now free!

    @myladeybugg. Ive just visited your website and it looks so awesome. Which forum plugin do you use?

    Looks like myladybugg, is using invision power board.
    Look into wappalyzer, it is an addon for Chrome/Firefox that will analyze the code and tell you what is running.

    @slaterbeckham I do not use a forum plugin. I actually use a software called Invision Power.

    I went to their website(IPS Board). @myladeybugg your website looks awesome;).I just emailed disqus about SSO. Do you use membership plugin along with IPSboard? or users just register in the software?

    Thanks @slaterbeckham! I don’t use any type of membership plugin. My users sign up through IPS and I use this plugin for SSO between WordPress and IPS:

    Two questions for you lol
    1.Did you notify Disqus?about SSO? or it’s taken care thru IPS?
    2. Have you tried to disable Disqus, Facebook,twitter,google inside disqus box?

    again thanks for posting me back

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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