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  • Hi Yogesh,

    To help us get to the bottom of this would you kindly include the following:
    – screenshot of what you see in your dashboard where comments should be loading — for instructions on how to take a screenshot, see;
    – debug info found under Advanced Options in the Disqus plugin;
    – web browser/version being used, e.g., Firefox 7 or Internet Explorer 10 — to determine this information visit

    If you’d rather not include that information here feel free to reach out to our support team at directly.


    I am not getting any error. Comments are not syncing.
    Note: When I import my wordpress database from my old website to new. Disqus is not working. Disqus was working perfectly on my old website.

    Comments are syncing in Dashboard>>Comments>>Disqus
    But now syncing in Dashboard Panel.

    And I already contact support team. They replied me:
    “Disqus will automatically sync comments back to WordPress, but this isn’t done too frequently. You’ll actually want to moderate from the Disqus moderation panel:”

    Please Help Me

    Debug Info:

    PHP Version: 5.3.10Version: 3.3.2Active Theme: Twenty Eleven 1.3URLOpen Method: curl
    Plugin Version: 2.72

    dsq_is_installed: 1
    _disqus_sync_lock: 1335363336
    disqus_forum_url: yogeshgamer
    disqus_api_key: Should i mention?
    disqus_user_api_key: should i mention publicly?
    disqus_replace: all
    disqus_last_comment_id: 485879996


    Akismet 2.5.5
    All in One SEO Pack
    Disqus Comment System 2.72
    Google Analytics for WordPress 4.2.4
    Google XML Sitemaps 3.2.7
    Infolinks Official Plugin 3.1
    Network Publisher 5.1
    News announcement scroll 4
    Page Links To 2.7.1
    Search Everything
    Simple “Coming soon” And “Under construction” 1.0.1
    Simple Social – Sharing Widgets & Icons Updated 0.3.6
    Simply Exclude 2.0.3
    Smart Youtube PRO 4.1.4
    Snow, balloons and more
    Top 10 1.8.1
    ToTop Link 1.3
    Twenty Eleven Theme Extensions 1.2
    Ultimate Photo Widget for Flickr, Tumblr, and Pinterest
    W3 Total Cache
    WordPress SEO 1.1.5
    WP-Memory-Usage 1.2.1
    WP Social Icons Lite 2.4

    Hi Yogesh,

    Do comments sync back to WordPress (and thus show up in your Dashboard) when you press the “Manual Sync” button under Advanced Options in the Disqus plugin?

    If so, it sounds like there may be a theme/plugin conflicting with the normal automatic sync process causing it to not function properly. You can test this by temporarily reverting to the default WordPress theme and waiting 10 minutes to see if comments sync back. Should comments still not sync, temporarily disable all plugins (except Disqus) and wait 10 minutes to see if comments sync back to WordPress. Keep in mind also that it may take more than 10 minutes for all comments to sync back depending on how many comments your Disqus forum contains.


    When I Manual Sync to wordpress. I am getting this error:
    There was an error downloading your comments from Disqus.
    Unable to connect to the Disqus API servers.

    Hi Yogesh,

    Thanks for testing that. That error can be the result of a few different causes which we’ve laid out in the “Unable to connect to the Disqus API servers” section at Try going through that section and let us know what you find.


    There are no problem with host. Infact you tell me that how can comment show in comment>>disqus section but not in dashboard.
    Its not syncing problem.
    There may be a bug.

    Plugin Contributor Tyler Hayes


    1. Comments > Disqus loads an iframe with the admin panel. Comments shown there are not in your WordPress installation. Those are the comments in Disqus itself.

    2. Comments > All Comments, which is what is referenced from the Dashboard, is what shows comments in your WordPress database.

    Again, the issue is that comments are not being synced back to WordPress. Please go through the documentation linked previously and let us know what you find. We’d be happy to help further once we have that information.

    Okay Sir
    I understand. But there are no problem with host. Should I make a new account on disqus?
    I import the comments from my previous site to new site. Maybe that is the problem.
    You are expert, I will follow your Instruction.

    Plugin Contributor Tyler Hayes


    What did your webhost say when you presented them with the information I mentioned previously in the “Unable to connect to the Disqus API servers” section at

    My Host said that your website is working perfectly. If you need help provide me login details. What they can do with my login details?

    Plugin Contributor Tyler Hayes


    It shouldn’t be unnecessary for your host to log in to your site. But thank you for letting us know that’s a possibility.

    Next steps:
    1. Temporarily disable all plugins (except Disqus)
    2. Click “Manual Sync” again, under Advanced Options in the Disqus plugin.
    3. Does the “Unable to connect to the Disqus API servers” error persist?

    Thanks for all your help so far yogesh_gamer.

    1) I deactivate all plugin except disqus.
    2) Click on Manual sync.
    3) Yes, Unable to connect to the Disqus API servers error persist.

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