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  • polle001


    I just update Disqus to 2.41.

    The comment box shows up, just where there are no comments, but in posts that have some comments, they does not load and breaks the theme, also the sidebar is gone.

    Any idea in how to fix it ?


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  • brianfreytag



    Same issue here.

    Stevie B


    Same here. I’m currently using WP version 3.0 and have not upgraded to 3.0.1 yet. Are you guys using the latest version of WP? I am tempted to upgrade to see if it fixes, but if it still does this for others using 3.0.1 then I don’t want to bother.



    My comment box won’t even show up at all after the disqus update. I can’t seem to figure out why. 🙁

    Same is happening. Also on the home page where I display the comment count per post, it doesnt even show that anymore.. just says “view comments”



    Disqus 2.41 for me does not work in WP 3.01. The Disqus box does not render (perhaps is does not load?) causing the remainder of my blog template to not appear.

    Rolling back to the previous version of Disqus works for me. I suggest trying that to anyone else who is tearing their hair out.



    I have a related problem – Disqus works just fine for logged in users, but fails to load for users who are not logged in. See for yourself here:

    Does anyone have this particular problem?




    How did you roll back to the older version of disqus? If I disable Disqus the problem does not go away – I actually get my WP comments box back just fine for the logged in users, and non logged in people STILL get skunked page loads… so that really freaks me out!



    Anyone still skunked with this?

    2.42 came out. Let’s hope it works

    Stevie B


    @iseesystems How do you roll back to the previous version (for those of us who are more of a newbie than others about this)?

    I also deleted the plugin to make sure it was the problem, and my sidebar is still pushed all the way down to the bottom ( I am open to the possibility my sudden sidebar woes are not related to Disqus, but was once I installed the plugin that it got screwed up like this. I just tried the new version, and I upgraded to WP 3.0.1. No change, still looks like crap, but only on single posts, not on my home page.

    What gives? This plug was awesome until a few days ago…



    Stevie B – Looks like your site is okay now… or at least I don’t see any weird sidebar issues. Did anything fix itself?

    I did the upgrade to 2.42 …. no change.

    Same :/



    So – I completely deleted Disqus and I still have the problem. I have no idea what might have changed. Did anyone else disable/delete disqus and still have this problem with logged in vs logged out users?

    Braddor – what’s your site?



    I have the same problem with version 2.42

    I want Disqus back 🙁

    @nickastar – my site hasnt been affected much. Everything seems to work except the comment display not showing on the homepage as it used to.

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