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  • Plugin Contributor Tyler Hayes


    That’s by design since the plugin doesn’t regularly export your WordPress comments to Disqus. Exporting from WP to Disqus is a manual operation — “syncing” (as it’s referred to in the plugin) only copies comments from Disqus to WordPress.

    Note that exporting from WP to Disqus again, however, won’t change the comment’s status since the comment will be seen as a duplicate and therefore skipped.

    Feel free to reach out at with any further questions.


    I just noticed this as well … but…. why should this ever happen? Once the plugin is installed, doesn’t *everything* go through Disqus? I’m worried now that things are happening in two places … should i be?

    Nick, Dirk’s issue was that he was moderating via WordPress’ native comment admin rather than the Disqus admin within WordPress, e.g., WP > Comments > Comments rather than from WP > Comments > Disqus. Again, to re-iterate, moderation actions need to be performed via Disqus and not WordPress as moderation actions are not synced back to Disqus if they’re performed in WordPress. Let me know if I can help clarify anything further.\


    What about the other way around? Moderated/deleted/edited comments should sync back to the local db, but I don’t think they are, which is a pretty big deal.

    That would require checking every single comment’s status in the Disqus forum and then cross-referencing that with the status of each comment in the WP db. This requires a highly non-trivial amount of processing. That said we would like to do something similar to this in the long run so we’re always investigating methods to see if we can find something truly efficient which wouldn’t negatively impact your database or server.

    If you anticipate you’ll be changing the status of comments after they’re synced to WP we’d recommend disabling automatic sync or changing the cron to run at a less-often interval.


    Tyler, well, for SEO purposes and for browsers without JS enabled, the cached comments from the local db will be displayed. Then comments that are spammed or asked by people to be deleted (say, their private info was posted by accident), etc – they’re all going to stick around in that form.

    I’m not sure why you think it will take a huge amount of processing at all – in fact, the solution is pretty trivial. All edits and moderation is done on DISQUS. So, DISQUS can keep track of comments that are touched in any way and keep a queue that the site would then pull via cron and sync back to the local db. So instead of only new comments, that queue would also support updating old ones, marking them as spam or trashed, as well as unspamming and untrashing. This approach is far more flexible than maintaining a number in the local database of the last post id.

    Thoughts on the above?


    There’s currently no way for our system to know if a sync was instantiated, if it was successful in your WP installation itself, and if you haven’t also additionally moderated those comments in WP, to name a few factors. Like I said we’re definitely thinking about how to do this; the key here is we want to do it right, from the beginning. If you are able to whip up any technical solution on your end don’t hesitate to forward it our way at and we’d be happy to look into including it in the plugin. You can also fork the plugin at and make pull requests directly too.



    This is me, Artem, from btw. Afraid the technical solution would require access to the backend as well (and lots of time to do this right, which I’ll leave to your developers). As this is something that’s not supported right now, what’s the best strategy to sync these from time to time (force overwriting of posts in the local db, let’s assume the local DB won’t be touched otherwise) or to sync up the comments if we ever need to leave DISQUS? I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a situation where I’d have months or years of unmoderated, unedited, uncurated data all over again and be forced to attach to DISQUS.

    I do hope for a correct solution to this implemented that’d solve the main issue here retroactively, but in the meantime, could you please answer the above?


    So if I want to just use Disques to store comments and not in my local Database can I do it?

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