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  • First, I’m aware I’m not the only who has this (absolutely annoying) problem with Disqus. I have Googled for more than an hour now with no luck whatsoever. I cannot bump the other threads on this topic because they are closed. So please bear with me.

    As the title states (and as you may have deduced), Disqus claims “Comments are closed”, despite me explicitly enabling them sitewide in WordPress AND by making sure they are enabled in every single post. In WordPress, everything Comment-related is enabled.

    Let’s go to Disqus now. I have no idea what to do here. How to enable them, whether it’s a bug, etc.. The first possible solution I read was to make sure the “close comments automatically” feature was disabled. It was. My Disqus is not closing threads automatically.

    The second solution was to disable everything related to spam blocking. The only Spam-related plugin I had enabled was Akismet. I have now disable it. Comments are still “Closed”.

    I dunno what to do. I’m frustrated. This was supposed to work out of the box when I installed and registered for Disqus but obviously thing is either buggy or the instructions are missing something.

    If there’s something I noticed is that, when the “Allow comments.” checkbox is ticked in the Discussion section in individual posts, this happens:

    And if it isn’t ticked:

    Put in words, when I explicitly disable the comments, the message appears rounded in blue, and the styles around my tags change. I have no idea if this helps, but I’m desperately looking for a solution that I’m starting to see little things that probably don’t matter.

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  • Oh snap. I just found the reason.

    For some reason this Social Plugin wasn’t playing well with discuss (I just saw a post that said so, so I decided to try it out).

    Now I have to disable one of my most used plugins to get discuss to work. I long for the day I will be able to use both…

    EDIT: Disregard that. Got it to work.

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