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    I read somewhere Widget Logic doesn’t prevent the widget from being executed, but just removes it from the “display” list, so if I add 5 same widgets with different settings, one for each page, all 5 are executed every time, just one shown.

    Does this widget works the same way?

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  • ridwan developer


    hello socialblogsite

    thank you for the question. i’m the plugin developer

    we have updated the widget logic visual plugin with some fixes. you can try it.

    if you find any bug, please report us 🙂





    Was it updated to solve other people’s issues or to prevent to execute the widgets as I asked in this topic?

    Plugin Author Steph Wells


    Display Widgets prevents to widgets from being loaded at all.



    with widget logic, if you have 1 widget showing on a page, the code to display it is executed once. widgets not shown don’t get executed.

    the code to work out if the widget is to be displayed gets executed, but not the widget code.

    hope that helps



    Aghh!! you just brought me doubts to this question I though was understood and the answer i though was enough!

    With your last sentence now I need you to clarify:

    Let’s say I have a widget that reads the news somewhere, taking 10 seconds for that, and then sends me an email and FINALLY it prints the news on the page.
    Will excluding that widget with a conditional in widgetLogic prevent the whole thing to be executed? or just the “print/render” part?

    Sorry for re-asking, but your comment after the clear answer from sswells makes me think you could be trying to correct her.




    You would not get the mail if you put ‘false’ in such a widget’s widget logic field

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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