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    I really like your plugin it’s the best I can find for the job, (hence the request) I have an issue though. It clashes horribly with the built-in Suffusion theme’s widget “Child Pages”.

    It seems that the “Show/Hide Widget” field in Display Widgets effects an important field in Child Pages. Show/Hide Widget has the value or either 0 or 1 the value is somehow shared by a field in Child Pages called “Include” which means that the child pages I can Include are limited to 0 or 1 which results in the child pages plugin being unusable.

    Is this fix a small one? Are you able to do it in the near future?

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  • You could try using a different child pages widget rather than the one that comes bundled with Suffusion. Alternatively consider using a plugin such as Widget Logic to control where your widgets appear.

    Yup, used another child page plugin. Can’t say it’s as good as the suffusion one though.


    It turns out I needed the Suffusion child pages widget as it displays thumbs and excerpts properly and no others did – I also didn’t like the other widget context type plugins so I’ve altered the display widget code a touch to make them work together.

    Go to plugins/display-widgets/display-widgets.php and do a find and replace on “include” – give it a unique name like “dw_include”.

    Now there shouldn’t be a clash and it all works fine.


    Hi munkykisser! I have tried your way of replacing all “include” to “dw_include”, but the Suffusion child pages still isn’t showing.

    Can someone please help!!


    Can you explain what exactly is wrong? This only seems to be a clash with these two widgets – these are the two you are using right?

    Also when you replaced include with dw_include was replaced it about 14 times?


    yeah I replaced all the “include” to “dw_include” for display widget but the child pages widget still didn’t work. But I solved it by replacing all the “include” in suffusion widget to “s_include” and that solved the problem.

    I know nothing about coding so I have no idea why it’s solved, but i’m happy lol.

    Different approach but same job done.

    Basicly it was due to a variable clash between the suffusion plugin and the other we are using as the code is used in the same area. The variables must have unique names or they will be altered by the other plugin.

    Remember that you might have to change the variable name again each time you upgrade (bummer but no show stopper).

    Make some sense?

    Sorry, haven’t been getting emails here. “instance” has been switched to “dw_instance” for the next version.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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