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  • The plugin claims to do exactly what I need but is really out of date and hasn’t been maintained for a long time.

    I started off just trying to bug-fix a few issues, but as it ends up I’ve completely re-writing it to use custom post types etc.

    I’ve not been able get in touch with the author – I’ve not had any response via the contact form in the plugin, and his contact details are a bit hard to track down.
    (if you read this post please get in touch)

    if I can ideally I’d like to release my code as an update to this plugin when I’ve finished.

    If I can’t I’ll release as a separate plugin instead.

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  • Ben.
    Please keep me informed of how and when you plan to release the update.
    This sounds like exactly what i am looking for as well and would love to utalize this plug in when it becomes available.

    I’ll post an update here when it’s available.

    Hi Ben,

    No have news about the plugin if are available?

    Here’s a development version of what I worked on – pretty much reworked from scratch.

    It won’t automatically import any of your existing data from the old plugin at the moment, but if you can test the functionality any feedback would be useful.

    If there is then demand, I may be able to write an importer to bring across existing data.

    I am sound engineer and am desperately looking for a good discography plugin, it’s so hard to find..
    Many thanks please keep it up if you can

    @boomish Have you tried my updated version at the development link above? If so, what do you think?

    Hi Ben, hows the plugin coming?

    I’ll try your dev version. It’s my first day looking for a solution, and I had figured I would just be making a custom content/post type on my own. I’ll see how yours works!

    I can’t believe there isn’t more activity in this area; I would have thought thousands of wordpress-using bands and musicians would want this sort of thing.

    Hey so far I am really liking this – I like the posts-to-posts part a lot. Reminds me of drupal taxonomy!

    So maybe I should release it into the WordPress repository?
    What do you think?

    Let me load it up a bit more, then show you and my musician friends… well make sure I’m using all the features correctly and fully, and get their feedback.

    I did notice this, it looks like in the bit where you post an album, the description for

    “Purchase (physical copy) link” is repeated .. one of those should say “mp3 music” or “digital download” or whatever.

    Hmmm this seems like a pretty big issue, if it is real and not me just not knowing how to run things:

    I’m as yet unable to make an album’s association with songs stick and show up.

    I’ve added 2 albums and about 22 songs so far, and while the album listing and songs listing are getting somewhere:

    In view “All Albums” or “All songs” … no songs show up as belonging to albums and vice versa. However, when I try to update the post and associate either the album to a song or a song to an album, it says

    Duplicate connections are not allowed.

    Also, I’m already seeing a small weakness: the songs track number is not available to enter, so the tracks will list in the order they are added? Also, the track number might not be unique, if the same song is associated with multiple albums.

    I’m also using Woocommerce to post products (CDs and downloadable music) so there is going to be a bit if duplication of effort.

    “Discography” allows songs to be associated with albums, Woocommerce would require a separate non-hierarchically arranged or associated for every song that could be individually downloaded.

    I’m trying to think of how an improved Discography would work with an existing ecom plugin to best advantage.


    1. Thanks for spotting the repeated “Purchase (physical copy) link” is repeated – I’ll fix that.

    2. So, do the songs appear against an album on the front end? or do they not appear associated in the admin? or both? Which version of WordPress are you using?
    I can make it possible to drag the associated songs into an order when editing an album which could then be shown numbered – is that enough or do you need to have a field for each song related to an album to enter a track number (maybe if you don;t feature all tracks?)

    3. When using ecommerce, the better solution would be to try to make the ecomerce works in a way that you want, maybe with categories for albums contains the album and songs you can download, and changing template to visually display this how you want.

    The Discography plugin is not intending to be ecommerce or integrate with ecommerce. It’s more for people who may sell their music via 3rd parties like iTunes or Amazon and just link to the relevant place to buy. Of course, like you said, you could like to the relevant ecommerce product but there would be duplication of the information you would enter.

    You can see what I’m up to at

    It’s a temporary domain, a sandbox dev site, for a drummer friend of mine who has been recording since 1984.

    Discography plugin stuff is only up under “Discography” (I know, clever, right?) from the main menu. The “History” menu item has a crude cut and paste dump of the MS Word raw text that I’ll be using to fill up the discography, and the real content answers some questions about track numbers. Specifically, on some albums he only appears on (and only wants to feature and mention) one or two tracks, so dragging for order sounds like a good idea, but in practice no, an actual track number unique to that album, for a song seems to be the way to go. Since that is a secondary feature of a many-to-many relationship, I’m not sure how you would want to make that happen.

    Duplication isn’t a bad thing … if the discography plugin adds value with completeness and a great way to display links to products, that works.

    It has to work before it matters, though, and yes … I’m getting no relationship showing between songs and albums. Not from the front end, nor from the back end.

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