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  • Hi. I love this plugin sooo much! However, my host, wpengine, has disallowed it. I asked them for their reason. Here’s the answer:

    “The big problem is that it relies on FULLTEXT indexes on MySQL. This doesn’t scale, so it can really get out of hand.”

    If you could fork a version that didn’t do fulltext indexing, I could see if I could get that version approved by them for use by their customers. Interested?


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  • Plugin Author Ajay



    I had a conversation with WP Engine regarding this, since this plugin is on their Disallowed list.

    The issue with CRP currently is that it relies on the FULLTEXT index to generate the posts (as mentioned to you by WP Engine) and am not 100% sure what inbuilt alternative exists for pulling related posts, that isn’t covered in other plugins.

    WP Engine prefers a 3rd party solution where the heavy lifting is done on non-WP Engine servers and so I am in talks with a few vendors who could possibly help serve related posts via CRP.

    Nothing that you actually love using this plugin, is there any other plugin that you’ve located that does the job, but missing the features I provide in CRP?

    Hi Ajay!
    I have no real problem building out my own sets of ‘keywords’ or ‘related post’ links/setup … since I know my content really well, it would be just fine for me if you only indexed on post ‘title’ and not full content. That might scale.

    microkid’s related posts plugin does a GREAT job letting me set up reciprocal / related posts on the fly. It’s really good in that respect, but it’s just super-hard getting it to show thumbnails.

    If your plugin indexed on title, and then you had a ‘reciprocal relationship’ built in like microkids, and to that you also added a custom-field for the user to enter their own keywords, you’d have a great result!

    Also – the css that I found in a comment on your site really is what made the whole plugin work for me.


    Plugin Author Ajay


    I’ll check Microkid’s plugin to see how I can include any features into this plugin.

    Do you know if WP Engine would be OK with only a FULLTEXT index on the title?

    They seem to dislike FULLTEXT indices due to scalability.

    I’m going to put these points you mention on a TODO list.

    wpengine would absolutely NOT want fulltext indices. So you have to stick with headline / title only, and then add-in add’l keywords based on a custom-field.

    It’s better to use a custom field for this, and not tags, to better control the result.


    Plugin Author Ajay


    Makes sense, but then would it be a simple keyword search without relevancy?

    I’m guessing the information in the title isn’t enough to adjust for meaningful relevance.
    In my own use case, I am more interested in sharing a lot of related posts, and not as interested in super relevant posts. My content is already very related, so I would just need to ‘tweak’ the relevance a bit by the use of selected keywords.
    While this may not be the main feature of your plugin, it might be a useful subversion for folks like me.

    Plugin Author Ajay


    The title is usually a good approach and is what tends to be the match the most in case of FULLTEXT.

    However, a keyword search could be a simple approach to find the right posts.

    I’ll put this on my to-do list. However, again, am not 100% sure WP Engine will be comfortable with this kind of an approach, because a user can still choose to use the FULLTEXT option, even if they are not supposed to.

    Do you think you are in a position to chat with WP Engine to get their feedback on using CRP with a non FULLTEXT mode?

    Yes definitely I could talk to them. They really do listen and would be happy to support an ‘allowed’ version of your plugin.

    Is it possible to index just the title of the post, and not fulltext?


    Plugin Author Ajay


    From what I understand, you can create an index for the title that isn’t FULLTEXT. However, this would mean no relevancy matching, which again isn’t an issue for you.

    However, again, I’m not sure how WPEngine feels about this. Would be good to get their buy-in and suggestions on what they prefer.

    Oh ok let me ask them.

    Here’s their response to the question, “Would you consider a revamped Contextual post plugin without FULLTEXT indexing?”

    Hi Don,

    It’s something I could likely have someone take a look at, but we would definitely need to review it before we remove it from the disallowed list. Let me know when there’s a version we can check out and I’ll make sure we look it up and down to see if it’s something we would allow on our platform.

    Thanks for doing this, it’s a handy plugin for sure.

    Plugin Author Ajay


    Let me see what I can do. However it won’t be anytime soon

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