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  • hi guys, i love the plugin and would really like to work with it, but activating the plugin disables / breaks my site’s user registration form (which is managed on the frontend through the UPME plugin). if you loo at the registration page, it just doesn’t render any content after the opening single content div. with the plugin off, the registration works fine.

    is there any way or you guys to look into this? compatibility with UPME frontend user profiles would be a great feature for your plugin, as UPME is used by thousands of sites.

    thanks for a reply!


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  • hi there, any ideas on this?
    with this plugin breaking my site’s registration form i can’t really use it – that’d be a shame 🙁

    thanks for looking into it!


    Sorry to run into your post but I have the exact same problem than you between UPME and DW Question & Answer. Did you find a way to make those two plugins work together for the registration form ?
    Thanks !

    hi Recyclart,

    the UPME guys looked into it for me (for quite a while) from their side but couldn’t find the issue in UPME. Since this plugin is a free one (and judging based on the support response so far [zero]) i doubt they will actually do something about it, so in the end i had to choose a different set of plugins. The project it was intended for couldn’t wait any longer…

    good luck through if you wanna keep trying – if you can solve it, it’d be great if you could share your approach.




    Do we know of any other compatible registration plugin that can be used with this DWquestion plugin ?
    When user clicks on login, I would like to show a pop up for registration/login page.

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