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[Resolved] [Plugin: DigiShop] CSS Styling for Buy Now Buttons

  • I would like to right-align the buy now button, but it seems to overwrite any css rules I apply, even if putting a div around the button.

    I have looked at your code but can’t seem to find where the button is styled or managed from. Is there somewhere I can edit the css to achieve this.

    That is the only issue I would like help with as I have found the installation and ease of use brilliant.


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  • Plugin Author Svetoslav Marinov


    Hi Mark,

    you could target the forms that DigiShop creates

    form id="digishop_form_1" class="digishop_form"

    the submit button is an image …
    <input type=”image” … />

    P.S. the latest version brings logs of features.

    Plugin Author Svetoslav Marinov


    Hi Mark,

    Just released DigiShop v.1.0.7 which includes CSS styles around the Buy Now button.

    <span id="digishop_form_submit_button_container_1" class="digishop_form_submit_button_container">
    		<input id="digishop_form_submit_button_1" type="image" class="digishop_form_submit_button" src="https://www.paypal.com/en_GB/i/btn/btn_buynow_LG.gif" border="0" name="submit" alt="Buy Now!" />

    Hi all, I’d like to make the Buy Now button simply with a “Buy Now” link, withaiut loading images.
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot

    Plugin Author Svetoslav Marinov


    Hi Lucaf,

    We have some plans for releasing a PRO version which will allow you to style the buy now button.


    when will it be released?

    Thank you

    While you’re working on the pro version maybe a status parameter so that when you pass the mouse above the link another image is loaded could help.
    how to implement it?

    Thank you very much, digishop seems to be the best solution for our project’s site but wer have to relolve the problem with the button appearece…

    Plugin Author Svetoslav Marinov


    Hi Lucaf,

    You can target each submit button using jQuery

    jQuery(‘.digishop_form_submit_button_container .digishop_form_submit_button’)……<= put some effects/jQuery plugins here

    Uhm… sounds a little bit difficult for me…
    Should i copy/paste the lines you posted?
    where? maybe in the digishop.php file?
    do i need a jQuery plugin?

    thank you again

    Plugin Author Svetoslav Marinov


    Hi Lucaf,

    What images do you want to use as Buy Now button?

    Also how do the button look in different states e.g. on mouse over and out ?

    P.S. We’ll be launching a support (Club) site next week.
    Join the email list if you are interested.


    Hi Slavi,
    I just need that in the mouse-over state the (orange) link text becomes white, so if the link button has to load an image i need to know how to load the mouse-over image and how to make the mouse-over working. The best solution shuold be avoiding the image loading and use sinple text links but i guess i have to wait for the pro version release…

    I’ll sure subscribe to the mailing list…

    Thank you

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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