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  • I may be losing it but I’m 99% sure that yesterday there was an option to put the floating bar on the homepage but now there’s not? If I’m just nuts and it was never there, is there a way to put it there? I already have sharing buttons in individual posts but I’d like a bar on the homepage so people can like or tweet about the site in general.

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  • They removed that option in one of their recent updates 🙁

    Hi Jershaanddup and Mindy,

    Great to hear from you and thanks for the heads up on this.

    Yes, I can completely understand that, the reason we removed Digg Digg from the homepage was that we felt it didn’t quite add the right value to the user experience. To like or Tweet about the page in general by adding a Like box in the sidebar might make more sense?

    What is still available is to add the “normal” buttons to the home page, so if that is helpful at all, you can have “normal buttons” enabled only for home and then the floating bar for individual posts, I think this might be a great solution! 🙂

    I am not quite sure whether we have made the right call on this, would love to hear your thoughts. Have you used the Digg Digg bar on the homepage for something specific? Or do you think a like box and follow button might actually be better here?

    Leo, Co-Founder

    Hi Leo:

    Thank you for supporting Digg Digg.
    I appreciate the tone of your responses to questions.

    I liked having the option of having the floating bar on the homepage.

    Defaulting it to off, but allowing the site owner to determine if they want to show it on the homepage seems the most flexible. Other options would be nice as well, but I like consistency between pages to keep things simple for visitors. The floating bar gets attention, and that is why it works so well.

    If the homepage has content with value, people will Like and Tweet the homepage as they would any other URL.

    Can you please put back the functionality of having a floating bar on the homepage?


    I went through every Social Sharing plugin found on Leo’s article. Some didn’t even work and the others were just crap. Nowadays anyone who can stitch together some code from here and there, calls him or herself a coder. Anyhow I found the Digg Digg plugin, closest to what I was looking for, except it had no feature for adding it to the homepage. The lack of this feature made me choose not to install it, but then I thought of going through the code. And fixed the retarded line that tells the plugin not to show Digg Digg on the homepage. Here’s how:

    locate the following function in the digg-digg.php file:


    and within that function, change the following line:

    if(is_home()){ return false;}


    if(is_home()){ return true;}

    Loe’s article, 10 best social sharing WP plugins:

    Plugin Author Andrew Yates


    Thanks for your comments. We’ll bare your comments in mind for future updates. We’ll add an option into the plugin in a future update to at least to give you the option.




    I tired it all but this plugin is not showing up on my homepage, Category, Tags and even on Custom Taxonomy page.


    I even did the changed as suggested by retardeduser. No use at all.

    Here is my site:

    Any help please?

    Thanks a million to retardeduser
    As a complement of information: the line to be edited is 483

    By the way, if you want to hide the credit link that cannot be hidden anymore, edit line 255 in include/dd-global-variable.php as follows:

    define('FLOAT_BUTTON_CREDIT_LINK', '<div id=\'dd_name\'><a href=\'\' target=\'_blank\'>Digg Digg</a></div>');
    define('FLOAT_BUTTON_CREDIT_LINK', '');

    Plugin Author Andrew Yates


    Hi Ant123

    An update which resolves the hide credit link option will be released shortly. Currently the plugin does the reverse of what it is supposed to. It shows the link when “Enable Credit” is off and it hides it when it is on.


    I found it just like retard user said in the digg-digg.php file, to change it for it to Display in home screen you have to find.

    function isFloatingButtonAllowDisplay($ddFloatDisplay){

    Then Change the part retard user said from false to true.

    Honestly I feel it should be the webmaster to choose if they want the share to float on the home page or not. I was about to code it into the theme, since the main reason I wanted is for it to show on the side on desktops, but since my site is responsive. I also used built in ones on posts as well.

    Like other members before I feel that was a horrible decision. Who are you to tell us how to handle “OUR USERS'” experience? Seriously!

    In any case I’ve tried the fixed stated above and it works. In the meantime, I’m in the hunt for another plugin that does this better. And this sucks because I’m a strong supporter (yearly subscriber) of Buffer.

    Many people haven’t noticed this change so that’s why this is rather quiet. But frankly not a good move, and your ratings reflect it. I’ll be happy to rate it a 5 star when that feature comes back.

    Yeah this was a bad move. I changed my rating from 5 to 1 just on this alone. Always let the user have the option, you force us and we will just move on to the next plugin.

    You said you’d this back in months ago. Where is the option for the floating bar on the home page?

    Thanks for this! Its kind of crappy that I have to do it manually but at least it works fine.
    Thanks again!

    Hey guys – quick follow up.

    I went in manually and changed the code. The first blog post on my homepage now has the floating sidebar, but the following posts do not.

    Any ideas on how to apply this change to all blog posts on the homepage?

    Much thanks!

    Still waiting for this to be available on the home page…

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