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  • Not that it matters in the overall scheme of things, so this is merely a FYI. I have deleted Digg-Dig off all the sites I control.

    I liked and used Digg-Digg for its primary, “simple”, ability. Adding some social buttons to web-sites without having to code it myself. (although I have done so on other CMS systems).

    The old Digg-Digg was already getting quite bloated, and I always disliked its persistent calls for AddThis even though I never wanted AddThis interaction. But it worked fine.

    But now suddenly with its new ownership, Digg-Digg is a front for Buffer, which is now yet another required Javascript requirement/connection, whether one wants it or not. Trying to force a registration on BufferApp, and loading up Buffer based Javascript every time.

    I simply needed/wanted one thing. Social Buttons. Nothing more, nothing less. No buffering, No tracking of every page load and every post, through other foreign application services, trying to fly along with the Twitter flock of birds.

    I guess I’ll have to make my own. My thanks to the previous owner of Digg-Digg for a good plugin as it was, though.

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  • Hi crudhunter,

    It’s great to hear from you and thanks so much for letting us know about your feedback here. This is extremely helpful for us as we have only freshly started developing Digg Digg and want to absolutely make it to the liking for anyone using it.

    As regards the point you mention on Buffer, you are right, I think we need to make it more clear to show how easily it is to remove any sharing button you don’t want to show up. You should be able to very easily remove it by simply going to the “floating bar” settings or “normal button” settings and untick the Buffer button from there. Is there a chance you could give this a go?

    Our goal is absolutely what you mention here, a Social Sharing buttons plugin that just works and is also visually very appealing. Again, your feedback here has been tremendously useful to help us make Digg Digg better, if you ever have any more thoughts, please let me know. 🙂

    Leo Co-Founder,

    Oh and great spot on the AddThis calls, in the new 5.0 version, these calls should actually have been removed unless the “email” button is switched on. Hope that is useful for your site’s performance. 🙂

    Well.. Digg-Digg has been deleted so I can no longer see it, and re-testing is not high on my priority list right now.

    But FYI.. Here aere some of the signs one sees when using this new Digg-Digg.

    I run my browser(s) with a Javascript blocker add-on, that by default block new Javascript load-sources until I have “allowed” them.

    When Buffer suddenly magically tried to show up(and I certainly did not request anything related to Buffer through the configuration so it must have been a newly added default), I learned the first thing that happens to any reader not loading the Buffer Javascript: The word “Buffer” in bold, 23px font magically shows up at the end of posts. (on the front-page at the end of excerpts). Likely where the sharing buttons would otherwise have been.

    Wondering why my posts suddenly was stamped ‘Buffer’ in bold letters, hovering the word it turns out the be a link to ‘/add’ on the bufferadd web-site. Where I do not really want to send my readers off to.

    I did not check your code. After I saw the ownership change on the admin page, the added loads from yet another external web-site, and all the ugly ‘Buffer’ links spattered over my posts, I merely hit the delete plugin link. But I’d guess that this text is actually a placeholder not replaced because the Javascript does not run. (because it is blocked).

    So, FYI.
    a) I did not ask for anything in the configuration related to Buffer. At that time i did not even know what it was, and yet it was suddenly trying to load from your site. But was blocked by the browser add-on.

    b) Currently it appears that any reader out there that happens to have new Javascript loading sites (such as here bufferadd[.]com) blocked by default will instead see a link with the word “Buffer” in big bold letters scattered around the web-site they are reading, with a link to the bufferadd[.]com website. Something the blog-owner (with Javascript enabled) will likely not realize until someone asks them about it.

    BTW.. The buffering service as such is not necessarily a bad idea. I actually at one point started doing buffering myself, to assure that twitter posts from my blogs would happen at more opportune times. Never finished it at the time, though.

    Personally, if I finish the plugin, I would rather buffer the pending twitter submissions locally on the individual blog where they belong, for later scheduled submission through normal wp-cron management, rather than connecting every post to an external buffering service.

    But thats probably just me. 🙂

    Hi crudhunter,

    Oh right, that is totally understandable. I think I would be equally annoyed if there were all of a sudden links appearing on my page that weren’t there before. That’s certainly a very bad experience we have provided you with.

    Yes, I think you are right, this must have been because of the Javascript blocking and our default settings. Indeed, it will make a very bad impression on anyone that has this setting and it is something I completely missed as a use case, thanks for the heads up.

    Oh ok, awesome, glad to hear that you think there is a usefulness in Buffer and your suggestions on improving it make a lot of sense. I will try my best and work on improving the plugin in the coming updates for sure and hopefully work out the mentioned kinks! 🙂

    Thanks again for all your help, if ever anything comes up, please also feel free to email me

    I just found that I still have a browser tab sitting with the loaded “bad” link being displayed. Below is what my browser states is behind it. (Can’t see the actual code, since reloading would make it disappear, as site no longer had Digg -Digg.)

    Also. The site was a new blog I was adding on a multi-blog system, where I merely enabled the already installed plugin. (Probably how the “new” defaults appeared.)

    Browser info:
    In the div with class ‘buffer-add-button’:
    data-count = vertical
    class = buffer-add-button
    href =

    Font Family: arial
    Font Size: 22.8px

    div .entry-content clearfix
    div .dd_post_share
    div .dd_buttons
    div .dd_button

    Hi crudhunter, that is fantastic, you are the man, thanks for this detailed info!

    Sure thing, I will go ahead and try to make this all smoother in the coming update and not have it come up this way.

    Really appreciate you taking the time and working through this with me. 🙂

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