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    Noticed an oddity today – I have this displaying on posts only, which means it (correctly) displays on attachments. But ONLY if the attachment template calls the_content. So… this is attached to the_content? Is there a way to override this? Or a way to attach it to another element? The issue is that I’m actually calling the_content for the attachment template in a sidebar widget. So I have to a) call it in the template content section and do a display: none on the p class inside it, and b) the thing calls twice now, slowing down the site.

    Thoughts? Thanks

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  • FYI – just tried putting the_excerpt into the post (still doing a display: none to just hide it), and adding adding this to functions.php to remove the extra call in the sidebar – no go. 🙁

    if(is_attachment()) {
    	remove_filter('the_content', 'dd_hook_wp_content');

    UPDATE! If anyone is searching for a solution to this, putting this function directly into my attachment template did the trick for the second call (still have to display none for the excerpt though):

    remove_filter('the_content', 'dd_hook_wp_content');

    i tried putting the_content() in display: non style but then my bar went into none.

    where exactly did you put none style..???

    i used like this and when i am seeing the code i have floating bar inside the none style


    Hi lahoti – in my CSS I put the display none rule around the p tag embedded in the div around the content. But only for the attachment page. So your theme will need a different starting class for attachment pages (I already had this). Let me know if this made sense. Thanks!

    hmm not sure.. but i think I understood that until i change intial p tag for my content for post digg digg ownt work for me,..

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