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[Resolved] [Plugin: Device Theme Switcher] Themes are confused; merged

  • Hey there,
    When I use theme switcher it all gets a bit jumbled.
    I am finding it difficult to differentiate between the pages that are for my mobile theme and the pages for my desktop theme (they often must be different). I end up calling them ‘Gallery-Mobile’ which is a bit clumsy.

    More importantly, the two themes are pulling from the same Slider section so, while I’ve formatted the mobile sliders for a smartphone, the desktop sliders are larger (for a desktop) yet there is no way to tell wordpress which sliders to use.

    in Studio 8 (my desktop theme) the section is called “Slides” then when I switch to the mobile theme (“My Mobile Page V3 WordPress Theme”) it is called “Sliders” or some such. But the content is exactly the same!

    Ideally I’d like these themes to be, for the most part, sandboxed. Is this possible?
    thanks in advance


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  • Plugin Author James Mehorter


    Hi james948,

    I try to not think about which theme is mobile or desktop. Instead I build the multiple themes based on the size of the screen. So, when I use a child theme for the handheld theme, most of the containers and content is the same. The real difference is usually in the stylesheet, where I set widths to be smaller and such. I also will use the same template names. For instance: if you have a page-gallery.php in your desktop theme, you’d use the same template file name in the handheld theme. However, in your handheld theme page-gallery.php I would set the gallery to pull smaller images (maybe max 420px wide or something).

    For the sandboxing, while I’m building a theme, I simply set the handheld theme as the active/default theme. So I can build it on my computer as usual, and simply make my browser window smaller. Then, once I’m happy with each theme I set them to the corresponding device and make any final adjustments.

    Basically, I try and not make more work than is necessary. Trying to use the same class names and page names.. but simply modify the code in the handheld theme to size appropriately.

    Let me know if you have more questions!


    Gotcha! Thanks.

    The only thing is that I’m using a pre-made Mobile Theme and a pre-made desktop theme so I’m pretty much stuck with what is there already;

    the desktop theme is quite complex and so it doesn’t really correspond well to the mobile theme; the sliders, for instance, are huge and need to be cropped for the mobile theme.

    Plugin Author James Mehorter


    When you’re using premade themes there is really only so much I can advise 🙁 This plugin is really meant for people who are theme developers, or people able to customize their themes. I’ve adding in the widgets for displaying the ‘View Full Website’ links and such hoping to offer something to people using pre-made themes.

    It gets difficult when you’re using two different themes, that you didn’t make, because the content managed in WordPress doesn’t always output the same.. ie a slider might look / work great in your desktop theme, but if the mobile theme wasn’t designed with that in mind, there isn’t much you can do.

    Anyway, let me know if you have any specific questions and I’ll do my best to answer them!

    Thanks. Will do!

    Thinking about it, what I need is a switch that switches to a different theme WITH different CONTENT.

    To do this might require another WP installation in a subfolder. Is this overkill?

    I’m fairly new to this.

    Plugin Author James Mehorter


    Well that’s ok too.. you can do things like change the_content to the_excerpt in your template files to pull less content. Or you could make a series of mobile-specific pages and make completely new template files just for the handheld site. It all depends on your design.. but the possibilities are endless. I did a handheld theme recently that had completely different design and content form the desktop theme. The only limitation here will be your themeing and coding abilities.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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