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  • Ryan


    Hi, just recently started making my own WordPress plugins, and was wondering if anyone knows of a good support forum for developers to ask about developer issues – hooks, php programming, etc.?

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  • is there something wrong with here?


    Yes! No plugin developer support! I still can’t get someone to tell me how I could claim the Post Teaser plugin that I’ve taken over maintainance.

    There is a serious problem.

    thats not a support issue for a plugin — thats a support issue about a web site.

    as for who you need to contact, the ownership of is clearly indicated in the bottom right hand corner of the front page.

    He’s not invisible.


    I never said it was a support issue for a plugin. I said support issue for “plugin developer”.

    For some reason, that logic that it is a web site issue escapes me. Not to say you are wrong but it never occurs to me in that way.

    I would think that if I click on a link and I get a 404, than it seem reasonable to be a website issue. But, issue with the claiming ownership for a plugin? Seems like gray area in either side of the argument.

    Maybe my logic is screwed…

    Thanks anyway. I’ll give your suggestion a try. If I still hit a wall, I’ll come back here and bitch about it…



    Whooami, as this forum seems to be for general issues about plugins from a user’s point of view, I was hoping to find a forum more in tune with developers.

    What I mean is, here any joe schmoe with a plugin problem can ask for assistance. I am developing a plugin and am trying to debug the problem, and was looking for a place to talk about that.

    No one’s opened an exclusive “Developers’ Area” ??

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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