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  • Plugin Author Steve Taylor


    It sounds like you’re talking about the “Find an address” input that goes with the gmap field in admin screens. It should find addresses, but I think it looks only within the bounds of the view you’re currently on in the map. Also, you have to type quite a bit of the address to get any responses. I’ll double-check with the developer who did this aspect of the plugin.

    If it still doesn’t work, please check the JS console and let me know what errors you’re getting.

    BTW, this is merely an additional tool to go with the field. If it doesn’t work, the gmap field functionality should all still work anyway as intended. Let me know if you’re having any problems with the core functionality of the gmap field.

    “Find an address” input really dont do anything.. there is no “load” button or something and pushing enter button or clicking to blank areas are not working tbh. this plugin works normally if you want an example of working adress load.

    Another problem: File image upload is working but after upload from computer, there is no “select” button. If we choose “insert into post” its just putting image to post content. If we go library, there is select button and its selecting. Actually it will be problem for clients. Most of plugins have problem with images inserting. I just see this plugin is really works best because you just selecting image and it automatically inserting it to field. Maybe you can just check it.

    Plugin Author Steve Taylor


    The “Find an address” problem is a known issue. The code uses the autocomplete function, which WordPress dropped from it jQuery UI library in favour of suggest. Until I convert to suggest, you could use Use Google Libraries – Google’s jQuery UI includes autocomplete. It’s not top priority because, as noted, it’s just a little additional functionality, nothing essential.

    AFAIK there’s no issue with the File upload. Could you post more details?

    I didnt add google libraries need to try it.

    For file upload: There is “Select file” button right? when clicking wordpress upload panel coming. I am choosing an image from my computer and uploading.. After crunching there is 3 button: “Insert into Post”, “Use as featured image” and “Delete”. If i select “Insert into Post”.. its just inserting image to visual editor, not to file input place. But when i click to “Select file” button again from input place and go to “gallery” tab in wordpress upload panel, i can see “Select” button as action and its successfully inserting image to input place

    Plugin Author Steve Taylor


    It seems to be the same issue. Because jQuery autocomplete isn’t present, you’ll find there’s a JS error, which prevents execution of subsequent JS – including that which sets up the “Select” button in the media library overlay for file fields.

    I’m trying to fix this in the new version – basically the geocoder will only be included if autocomplete is present. For now, I think installing Use Google Libraries is the best fix – you should see both the problems you’ve been having disappear.

    i installed

    <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
    <script type='text/javascript'>try{jQuery.noConflict();}catch(e){};</script>
    <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
    <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

    etc.. still same problems.. nothing changed :S

    I am trying on localhost @ windows 7

    Can you link a screenshot of what should i see after image upload and crunching? There is 3 button in bottom: “Insert into Post”, “Use as featured image” and “Delete”.

    Plugin Author Steve Taylor


    OK, this is broken with the Flash uploader. Switch to the Browser uploader and it should work OK.

    In the imminent 0.7 release I’m disabling the Flash uploader when you use a file selection field type. WP 3.3 includes a new media uploader, so I’m not going to spend time fixing it with the pre-3.3 Flash uploader. Hopefully I’ll get it working with the new uploader before 3.3 is released!

    In the course of my day job, I encountered this issue myself. I eventually did get things to work, but had to take some steps to do so, and am not 100% sure all of it is necessary/proper (read as “hackish”):

    Experimentally, I determined that the autocompletion did work, but not for the location being viewed. Throwing in some console.log calls in the appropriate places, I found that the bounds that it thought it was working with were nowhere close to being correct. In particular, the .contains(addressLatLng) wasn’t working as expected. Also, according to a google employee, getBounds() is unreliable if called at the wrong time — rather than subscribing to center_changed and zoom_changed events, it was better to use the bounds_changed event to handle the bounds updating. With that change in place, things seemed to work better.

    Plugin Contributor A



    Thanks for doing some research, and an interesting point about getBounds(). I work with Steve on the mapping aspect of DCF, so I’ll take a look at this when I find a bit of time – hopefully in the next week or two. We were looking at updating the mapping autocomplete stuff in any case, so I’ll fold this into that work.

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