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  • It should work on iPhone and iPad without any problems (as long as you provide a format that the iPhone understands — see the documentation). Can you post a link to a page where it does not work?

    Sure, this post contains a sample, and it will not display properly on our iPad:

    Thanks for the help!

    for some reason the audio tag on that page has no source sub-tag.

    try setting the format explicity as mp3.

    I’m not sure I understand … there’s no place in the admin to specify sub-tag. And the drop-down for Format (in the Podcasting plugin) only has one choice – “Default format”.

    i don’t know about the podcasting plugin, but the syntax for the audio player as specified on

    lets you put in a format=”mp3″ within the [audio… shortcode. try adding that format in there to see if that helps.

    if you read the FAQ at you’ll read that there are cases where “use the format option to manually specify the available file formats” will fix the player not working.

    Correct, I have just checked and since the mp3 is not located within the default content folder, the existence of the different file formats (mp3, m4a etc.) needs to be specified manually, as alanft wrote. So the shortcode should be something like [audio src="" format="mp3"]

    ps soukie – loving this plugin. i’m going to play with it more when our current audio-based project is over, and play with some custom controls. if i have any bright ideas about how to make custom controls simpler, would you mind me posting up some code suggestions?

    right now i am just amazed that firefox won’t do an audio embed with mp3 – no way i’m re-encoding our massive mp3 archive. I know the mozilla dudes are so anti MPEG-LA, but can’t they get the browser so it hands off mp3 rendering to the host OS apis? (don’t most OS’s these days cope with mp3 natively)

    note, i am a total amateur coder and have no clue what i am talking about really 🙂

    Alan and Soukie, thanks so much – got it working.

    One final question: The player displays on the iPad, but strangely, floating over the post text near the bottom. Any ideas what might cause that, or how to fix? (Example of what it’s doing here:

    Try changing the positioning with CSS: either style the audio element or the div.audio_wrap – hope this helps.

    I’m having trouble getting a video to play on an ipod touch or iphone. I’ve tried using H.264 encoded .m4v, mp4 and ogg files. The videos work fine when viewing using any browser on my computer but in safari on the ipod touch I just get a video box with a play button with an line through it. I’m using this string to add the video:

    [video src="" format="ogg,mp4,m4v,flv"]

    Here is a link to the page showing the video:

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    clefevre18, you have to first have H.264 m4v files in a format that iPhone understands. I believe I once saw some documentation about this on An app that seems to produce working video in this case is HandBrake, since it has an iPhone format option. The resulting file can be embedded in a site and can be played on the iPhone.

    I was having the same problem – the video played using the Flash player on desktop browsers but did not play on the iPhone.

    There is some thorough documentation about HTML5 video formats at Dive Into HTML5.

    I first tried exporting as .m4v files (using Quicktime) and .flv to cover all bases. But that did not play on the iPhone. I then followed the recommendations at Dive Into HTML5 to export as a .mp4 video file encoded as H.264 video.

    Still not playing on the iPhone. Looking into the code, further, this plugin seems to be built to handle .m4v files but not .mp4 files.

    In the file: degradable-html5-audio-and-video.php, I changed all of the instances of “m4v” to “mp4”

    Then I changed my code in the post to [video src="/myblog/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/video-filename" format="mp4,flv"].

    That worked on the iPhone, desktop Safari, and Firefox Mac.

    Hi ,

    We’re trying to use this player to play mp3 content in a tight space. I was wondering is there any way to control the width of the audio player? It defaults to about 300 px wide and it’s a bit too wide for our page.

    Thanks a lot.

    I am having the same problem getting the plugin to work on ipads. We used it for iphones and and it works perfectly. Not sure what the deal is. I get this warning: “Cannot play audio file.” I am trying to play audio mp3s. Anyone have an idea what is going on. Here is a sample file

    Love the plugin, but I had to do make the same changes as mrengy in order to get it to play on my iPhone. Any ideas as to why? I’d hate to have to make that same change on my client’s site each time there is an upgrade.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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