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  • I have deactivated and completely removed this plugin as the description is misleading but still the ‘Related Blogs’ (which aren’t related at all) are listed in my posts with no way of deleting them???

    How do you remove the listings?

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  • Switch the post editor to HTML and remove markup starting with <!–pingbacker_start–> and ending with <!–pingbacker_end–>

    I have the exact same problem. The plugin shows unrelated blogs under my post. I could not even enter the feature of managing it, since when I typed name and e-mail, the page gave error.
    SO, I decided to remove it. I removed it, deleted totally, HOWEVER the ‘Related Blogs’ STILL appear under my posts, making my blog totally unfunctioning and myself losing revenues.
    Changing to Html mode ioa totally IMPOSSIBLE, sinve I have many many posts. It will take a life time!

    Calm down.

    Unrelated is when you don’t read the how to – you should have used Yahoo for fetching tags – default TagTheNet finds one word tags which in end effect finds many unrelated blogs. Besides why would you go to massive post updates with the new (for you unproven) plug-in is beyond me.

    Would you please explain to me how exactly are you “losing revenue”?

    For the next version we plan to include link checker and it will have automatic removal of dead (the ones that has not linked to us) and unrelated links. The blacklist of the site you don’t wish to relate to is also planned.

    I’m inclined to agree with fotfot with regards to not wanting to have to now go through every single post and having to manually remove the HTML that this plugin has inserted. I won’t be alone in that respect either. The whole point of a plugin is that if you no longer wish to use it, all you have to do is just de-activated it and remove it, without it leaving any trace. It is ridiculous to expect people to then have to manually remove all traces themselves.

    Just out of interest, if TagTheNet always finds and lists unrelated blogs, surely it’s contradicting the whole point of this plugin?

    I think for the next release you should really consider, more importantly, a way to remove the code that this plugin inserts. Judging by fotfot’s response above and my own feelings, this is really going to annoy everyone who in installs it.

    Please see the latest version – there is FAQ how can you completely remove deep link engine created links.

    I have same problem!!
    Really annoying! Seems like a scam.
    No support!
    Where is this FAQ????

    Is there still no easy and solid way to fix this “related blogs” problem?
    I think the links are holding me down on the SERPS because when I visit most of the links they don’t have any quality content at all, some are even stuffing keywords.

    Hey birtz, are you out there somewhere?

    I am having a different problem with the deep link engine. Please let me know how to contact you or someone else that can help. This is very urgent! Thank you!

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