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  • I was wondering that since they’ve not updated for the Apple News formate change either. Apple News is now working the new format (besides RSS) and they’ve got a great plugin to auto update all your news posts/articles to them. They also include adding advertisements that you want there too.

    Subscribing to thread.

    Hope it isn’t… of all the FAI plugins out there, only this one (so far) lets you select which posts to publish or not publish and my employers need/want that. There was a bug fix due over a week ago back when updates came every 2-3 days. So, hoping they got busy with stuff and they’ll be back shortly…

    Meanwhile, I’m off to start coding my own because we can’t wait.

    You might want to start coding as they were responding to queries rather frequently and everything’s gone very silent.

    Just that they didn’t even update Apple News last week when Apple released their news format made me wonder if it’s a dead one too.

    April is when Facebook Articles kicks in so if they don’t update that within the week we know it’s probably a cold case…

    We are now pretty certain that the big bug fix we were waiting for may be obviated by upgrading our PHP from 5.3. NO FAI plugin works, they all throw the same error. And they all (the plugins) work on similar servers we run using PHP 5.4 and up. So, I am not as concerned about this bug they said they found and fixed and then never released as I am in upgrading the problem server. Yay?


    FWIW, upgrading to PHP 5.6.19 fixed this issue. So we are going ahead with PageFrog for now and hoping that they will be back. It appears to be working for what we need at the present moment. We need an FAI solution that lets us choose which posts to publish. None of the others, so far as I know, do that.

    make sure to check your old articles that they are reverting to the AMP address.

    our issue was that old articles would just go back to the original link and new articles would go to the AMP address.

    So i’m pretty convinced this is dead now. Multiple attempts to email the devs, also tried twitter and facebook and no updates to the plugin or support forum.

    Suggest we all go to use the official beta plugins for AMP and FBIA directly.

    Yeah, I went ahead and did that along with the Apple News one. I was surprised that Apple News is really driving some major traffic.

    It’s a shame as this plugin was on track to be like the YoastSEO for the new forms of publishing out there.

    We are continuing to use it (but I am now starting to hack it a bit… to remove the duplicate image issue on the Facebook side of things, to support some custom Google Analytics dimensions, etc.) because the people I work for want to be able to choose which posts are FIA and which are not (for ad revenue reasons). And it’s the only one that lets you choose. I keep hoping that PageFrog will be back and start active development again but I am losing hope fast.

    I hear ya! Usually after this many comments about a plugin being dead, the developer would jump in to say it’s being worked on, updated, etc, but it’s odd that after putting all the work into it, it’s just orphaned like this.

    I’m assuming when all the funky error issues began happening with AMP, it began to look a little futile for them.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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