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    Any reason why the “All-in-One Event Calendar Extended Views by” add on would deactivate itself?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • @sunny you’ll maybe be interested to know that our site went down for 10 hours last night, due to a domain issue with a security provider we’d been using.

    When I fixed the A record and got it back up today, the plugin was still active and I was still logged into

    Thanks for the update @ohliza.

    If the whole site is down, it woulnd’t trigger any deactivation process, so that makes sense. Generally, if the calendar is attempting to access the addon without the main domain’s connection to the API at the same time, will trigger a deactivation process.

    I’ve had this plugin on one of our university’s site for more than couple of years now and occasionally it keeps disabling the Extended Views (as in 2-3 times a year, at least).

    Latest was today (well who know how long it has been off, again); account was still logged in and plugin deactivated, impossible to activate. I actually had to make a new account and login with that to get it to work while still getting a couple of “you have a plugin, but it’s deactivated, please login” -nonsense while the text below that read “You are signed in to Timely Network as…”.

    The strangest thing is, every time it’s disabled it screws the styles somehow and the posterboard view looks all kinds of screwed up. I have to change the style to something other and then back to get it looking right.

    As it stands, if every little server hiccup on either our, or Timely’s, end causes a deactivation, you can trust this plugin as far as you can throw it.

    Back in the day when the posterboard -view was integrated (IIRC?), the calendar was a very nice plugin. Now it just causes unnecessary stress and work.

    While the “price ratio” is nice (free), it’s not so nice that I’ll ever use this plugin in any of our projects again.

    If I were to drop some money for a plugin – this kind of plugin “registration handling” would put me completely off – just saying as a friendly comment on the business model from a fellow web programmer / developer.

    Hi @cbjouk,

    I understand your frustration. Be aware that as far as the addon being deactivated, it is the Timely API that is being disconnected — usually a result of another 3rd party plugin conflict, and the usual suspects are firewalls that inadvertently block the Timely API.

    If you are experiencing any problems with your calendar plugin, please log into your Timely account and open a ticket by clicking on the Get Help link, or click here:

    I have this same issue on several of my clients’ sites. Extended Views plugin keeps getting deactivated. They are logged in to account. Server did not go down. If the issue is a security/firewall plugin blocking something, what are’s server IP addresses so I can whitelist them?

    Or is there some other solution to the problem?

    Hi @paul-hartman,

    Be sure that your clients are logged in with the updated domain or URL, and if unsure, it’s best to just log out, then log back in, at Events > Settings > Login page.

    The only thing necessary to white list in a firewall is the domain,

    If a particular client still has issues, I can take a look at the calendar — the best way to get this done is to log into your Timely account and open a ticket by clicking on the Get Help link, or click here:

    I’m pretty sure I tried logging out and in again on all the sites that exhibit this issue. Next time it happens I will log out/in and make a note of which site it was so I will know if deactivation happens after that on that site.

    Thank you.



    Why does this plugin need to be linked to your api. Its just a different view there is absolutely no reason to link it. The fix is to unlink it from your website and just make independent.

    If you can’t program the free plugin to stay activated when it loses a connection what the hell are all of your paid plugins going to do. This issue has been posted for years now yet you can’t fix it?

    My clients have emailed me too many times about where are the events on the website because of this BS. I am looking for a new solution.

    Sunny Lal



    The API is required for functionality, and also to maintain the addon subscriptions. The correct solution is to keep the calendar logged into the Timely API as it was designed. If you do not agree with how this plugin works, you are free to choose another plugin.

    I was this problem because i made a web clone in a subdomain to test updates and plugins, this web clone activate the api key in the subdomain, then the main domain the plugin was deactivated.

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    Today same problem and this time there is no subdomain involved

    Hi @angutir,

    The same solution applies.

    Please be sure your calendar is logged into the Timely Network under Events > Settings. If you are already logged in on that page, please log out, then log back in — then activate your addon again.

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