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    Any reason why the “All-in-One Event Calendar Extended Views by” add on would deactivate itself?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Sunny Lal



    We are adding functionality and making performance improvements to our addons that will provide more value to our clients. This involves running some components of the addon features on our servers, which you will need to be logged in to access.

    If you find that an addon has been deactivated, please check the following:

    1. Be sure you are logged into the Timely Network under Events > Settings >

    2. Be sure that any addons you are currently using are current and not expired

    3. Be sure that the addons you purchased are linked to your current URL (this is verified by performing step 1 above)

    If you Extended Views addon has been deactivated, I suggest proceeding to download it again, and on your purchase page (it’s still free) make sure to link it to your current Core calendar installation URL, from here:



    I’ve the same problem with this plugin, .I’ve dowloaded and installed the plugin yesterday and it deactived itself.

    I don’t find where to login in wordpress events settings :
    >>>Be sure you are logged into the Timely Network under Events > Settings >

    Sunny Lal



    Log into your WordPress administration panel, then click on Events in the left menu, then click on Settings, then click on the “Viewing Evnets” tab (if not already on that tab) and you should see a login screen to login to the Timely Network). If you still need help, please log into your Timely account and open a ticket by clicking on the Get Help link, or click here:

    Hello I am having same issue but the plugin that deactivates is the Venues plugin. Other extension continue to work.

    It seems there is a delay in it showing that I am logged into my account as it says I am not logged in then when I check it shows that I am logged.

    It has happened 3 times so far, the Venues will deactivate and I reactivate it and works for a few days and then deactivates again. All extensions and plugins are up to date.

    Would re-downloading venues work in this situation?


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    Hi @robynpix,

    Please proceed to Events > Settings >

    Then log out of the Timely Network, then log back in, then try again. If your Venues plugin still doesn’t work, you will have to open a ticket with the Get Help button so I can take a look at your account and link the calendar URL registered with our API.

    Please log into your Timely account and open a ticket by clicking on the Get Help link, or click here:

    This is a ridiculous way to manage plugins. I confirm I am logged into, have downloaded, re0installed, re-activated the Extended Views plugin 3 times…double-checked it’s status id green in My Account on and the plugin STILL deactivates itself!! A couple of weeks of this…and it’s looking like this is not a viable plugin unless you remove the requirement to be logged in.

    @scarlettr8 I have replied to your ticket that you opened with the same attitude and rant
    as you have given on this posting, which is really uncessary, as you are receiving priority support as a courtesy, for a free product which is normally reserved for paid customers. Please reply to the ticket which you opened to which I have already responded.

    Hardly unnecessary when you make such a significant change to the functionality of an plugin that renders it useless…free or not! Who would ever buy your product when you don’t immediately fix an issue that makes your plugin unusable! It’s a well warranted rant, perhaps it’s your customer service that has the inappropriate ‘attitude’ that support is a courtesy! If you’re going to treat people with such disrespect then don’t offer free support.

    It’s not useless, that’s the point. You are in error — all you had to do is ask for support, support is here to help you — not argue.

    The only error is thinking that it is reasonable to have to keep asking for support everytime this plugin deactivates, which at this point is constantly. Not an argument, it’s a fact you don’t seem to be able to understand!

    Rule of thumb with plugins. Don’t update them until you are satisfied they work properly. Now I have seen the conversation going on here and decided I won’t update until issues have been sorted.

    The more you rant and rave the slower the rectification. It’s a free plugin. If not happy I would suggest going and paying $130 a year for an equivalent for overpriced plugin which I can assure you have the same error rates. Alternatively provide the error information and be patient and allow the developer to make changes. Getting their back up is not the way to proceed.
    Oh this is a neutral observation. I am another user of an excellent FREE plugin

    @scarlettr8 no one expects you to “keep asking for support everytime this plugin deactivates” Everything you have said is incorrect and based on assumptions that you have made on your own.

    @tonyteehee51 thankyou

    I have been having the exact same issue with the Frontend Submissions add-on. It randomly de-activates itself, breaking the function (which we depend on) and leaving the “Add Event” page with an ugly shortcode visible to the public.

    I’ve tried de-activating every plugin, removed Wordfence which I was assured would be the problem, and it still happens.

    It is SO frustrating. I’ve got numerous web sites and numerous plugins and I have not ever had a plugin de-activate itself.

    PS: I do pay an annual fee to use this add-on plugin. And have been back and forth via official support for months with no solution. I’m feeling a little gratified to find that it’s not only me having this problem.

    I found that a local system I set up at home (on my laptop) for testing always deactivates the ai1ec posterboard extension when the server is powered down overnight. To reactivate it I have to log out of, then back in again.

    I don’t recall any problems at all with the posterboard extension/plugin on the live server. This tends to have excellent uptime.

    Might be related. Might not. How’s the reliability of the server you’re having trouble with? Downtime? Generally good performance? Or frequent slow patches?

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