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  • I tested DB Cache Reloaded on WP 3.0-RC1 in MS (Multi Site) mode and it caused WP to go into an infinite redirect loop (thinking the visited site did not exist and redirecting to the signup page, then thinking again that page did not exist redirecting again … and so on )

    Removing the plugin directory AND the newly created db.php and db.ini files in wp-content was the only way to get my sites back !


    I’ve created a patch, about a week ago, and sent it to the original author. That makes DB Cache reloaded compatible with 3.0.

    Here it is:

    Yeah same problem for me, i had to de-activate tonight as after the upgrade it just broke the posting and updates section of the site.

    Hopefully an update will be coming soon.

    Super Cache won’t work for me so i’m kinda stuck for now and i need caching.

    The patch also doesn’t work for me, i downloaded and installed in the DB Cache Reloaded plugin folder, still getting user.php errors.

    Should the patch go elsewhere or do i need to edit it into a certain file. ?

    The patch is for the geek ones. Just download the ZIP one, and replace the wp-content/db.php

    Yes that works like a charm.


    For me does not work. I get in an infinite loop…
    I’m using wordpress 3.0 multisite.

    i left a comment in djzone’s blog he just deleted it.. Because i’m not the only one that get that error the “patch” simply dont work..
    Must be carefull.. possibly that “patch” even is a way to live a backdoor to your blog..

    I have tried your patch and it work.
    But, it’s broke wp_list_auhor tag on template. After disabled db-cache reloaded, that tag work again…

    I am working on new plugin version – it will be compatible with WP 3.0.

    I got information that DB Cache Reloaded works fine with WP3.0 in wrapper mode. In order to enable it, please go to DB Cache Reloaded options page, disable caching, and then check “Wrapper Mode” checkbox and enable caching again.

    Note: this will not work well with multisite install – when one blog will clear cache, it will clear cache for all blogs in network. I am aware of this issue and I am going to resolve it soon, but probably not in next plugin version – I probably will start work on it after I update and release plugin version compatible with WP 3.0.

    Yah the patch stopped working today after i disabled and enabled DB Cache again. I did that to check on other things at the site.

    Since this only seems to affect editing posts and writing new posts as well as updates within the WordPress admin panel can i enable DB Cache Reloaded when not writing posts and disable when writing posts. ?

    I have just released DB Cache Reloaded 2.1, compatible with WP 3.0. This version is works fine in single site mode, multisite requires extra work. Please upgrade.

    Thank’s for the update.
    But, can you explain to us about how to use your plugin on multisite mode?


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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