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  • This plugin does what it advertises very well.

    However, for my purposes it needs to have better (any?) ability to exclude items from results. I understand we can enter page IDs to prevent visitors from being able to perform a live search while on a particular page, but it seems it would be far more useful (for me, anyway) to be able to exclude certain pages from being returned in the search results.

    For example, I really don’t want the thankyou page for filling out a form to appear in search results. Doesn’t seem to be any way to prevent it with this plugin. If I’m mistaken feel free to set me straight!

    Also, I AM using another plugin, Simply Exclude, that allows particular pages, posts, tagged items to be excluded everywhere else in the site. For whatever reason Dave’s WordPress Live Search is ignoring whatever the Simply Exclude plugin is doing, so content I’ve excluded there appears within the live search results anyway.

    I realize you can’t please everyone, and this plugin really works very well. I’m just sad because the exclusion issue will probably be a deal-breaker for me. I hope you’ll consider adding that ability in the future!

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  • Also, although this plugin generally does appear to play well with the Relevanssi plugin, (as Dave’s WP Live Search documentation says it’s been designed to do), it does not respect Relevanssi’s exclusion settings.

    That is, in Relevanssi you can explicitly exclude certain pages, posts, categories, or tags by ID. I’ve tested that in Relevanssi successfully before even installing this plugin. Once I installed and activated this plugin, those excluded items started showing up. Just to be sure, I deactivated Dave’s WP Live Search plugin, changing nothing else, and the exclusions again worked properly.

    So that seems to be a bug.

    Plugin Author Dave Ross


    Hi. I’m researching compatibility with Simply Exclude, and can tell you right away that that plugin will not work with Dave’s WordPress Live Search as-is. They don’t modify search queries when is_admin() returns true, and is_admin() always returns true for AJAX requests. Please report a bug to Simply Exclude and refer them to this post from Andrew Nacin for clarification:

    Likewise, the author of Relevanssi worked with me to build in compatibility using a special relevanssi_do_query() function. If certainly functionality is not being applied to this call, please check with the author of that plugin as he may have missed a place when making a change.

    I’ll let you know if I find anything else out as I dig into it.

    Hi Dave
    have any progress?

    I use this plugin with Search Everything plugin and find it works well. It has an option to exclude certain page or post IDs from the search results.

    Not sure if there is a compatability issue since the upgrade to WP 3.4.

    As mentioned above I was previously able to exclude pages and posts from live search using Search Everything, but now my excluded searches are showing up again. Also previous searches using custom fields are now not showing at all in the live results but still show in the main search results.

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