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  • Plugin Author Piet Bos


    This is probably some conflict with another plugin. I have tried to reproduce it, but I cannot. Have you tried with a default theme and no other plugins installed whether you still receive this error/warning message?

    I’m unable to test this now. Meanwhile, I’ve changed my “broken” to “works”. You’re probably right that there’s a conflict. Thanks for the quick reply.

    Plugin Author Piet Bos


    Thanks, I appreciate that.

    Well when you are able to test this, please let me know the results. I had someone else also mentioning a similar experience in the comments over at my site, but never heard back.

    The thing is that even with this “unexpected output” the plugin still functions. I know, that is hardly a solution to the output that basically should not be there, but it seems to happen on activation only and then nothing.

    Perhaps you can check what happens when you deactivate the plugin and then activate it again. Still the warning message or not?

    Deactivating and activating still the same. I’ve somehow managed to loose access to admin panel on my local server sand box installation. If I can whip it back into shape, I’ll see what I can do, god willing.

    So I managed to fix my local installation and I don’t get the error message there. Can’t seem to reproduce it either by installing plugins from the live site. I’m using the same theme, a twenty eleven child. Scratching my head at this one… I’ll leave it be for now.



    I had the same problem and the plugin also changed the favicon when in the dashboard. Also, upon activation it completely changed the appearance of my dashboard without me selecting any options. Shouldn’t this be in the options rather than a forced change?

    Plugin Author Piet Bos


    @miledwyer – 2nd paragraph of the description of the plugin says:

    I have not included an options panel as this plugin is catered to developers and you are meant to play around with it.

    Not sure which part you didn’t understand about that…

    If you’re looking for a plugin with an options panel, then I would recommend Point and Stare CMS Functions

    Plugin Author Piet Bos


    I have just updated the plugin with the notice that it’s no longer in active development.

    The reason is that there are too many changes in the Dashboard with each WordPress version update and I simply lack the time to accommodate for that.

    If anyone is interested to take over the plugin’s development – and perhaps add that much needed options panel to it – then they can contact me, so we can arrange something.

    Please let me know.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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