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  • Mark


    Here’s a noob question. Years ago I coded a simple plugin to display a note on the WP Dashboard. I still use it on many of my sites because there is nothing as simple and as minimal.

    I want to update it to mark it compatible with WP3.5 and also to address an issue with HTML filtering that somebody once noted in a support thread.

    However I think I may need to add some code to make sure the settings are kept during the update. Can a code wizard help my by looking at this extremely simple plugin and giving me some directions on how to do this? I’m just not enough into the details of how plugin settings are saved to know this. It should be very straightforward.

    If you’re a trusted WP plugin developer I can also add you as a developer. I haven’t updated the plugin in years for lack of time but people seem to have found it useful (16 five star reviews).

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