[Plugin: Dashboard Editor] What the hell is this? (3 posts)

  1. kjpweb
    Posted 7 years ago #

    If it were a good plug-in - things were in place, explaining exactly what it is, same for the branded version.
    No Info, No screenshot, an empty website - so what are users about to think!
    If you have a good thing, then show it for crying out loud.


  2. This guy has apparently decided to package up a whole bunch of other people's plugins and distribute them as one big chunk which he calls "MoonViper CMS".

    While I see no problem with that (assuming they are all GPL'd), I don't think it's appropriate for somebody to distribute large sets of plugins like that through WordPress.org's extend section or to use the plugin's trac and SVN and such. Notice how it's already breaking his plugin name and description field and such on his Extend page?

    I hate to think what will happen if/when somebody tries to install this through the new 2.7 plugin auto-installer.

    I've sent in a support request for this, as I think it should be removed from here. And perhaps the rules should be clarified to only allow people to put plugins on Extend when they personally own the copyright to them as well.

  3. allyanders
    Posted 6 years ago #

    But what plugin is it related to? WordPress admin side is unusable for me. It times out. Takes at least a minute to bring up a new screen. And almost every time I click something in the admin area, I'm forced to login again.

    In a desperate attempt to fix the problem I started deactivating plugins that I'd installed most recently or that I could live without. Now I'm getting this error and a few others.

    Very frustrating.

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