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  • First of all thanks for the update, the features look promising. There is one problem though that also existed in older versions. With a lot of posts the loading of the settings page just stops.
    In my case the page just stops at “Featured Story #8”.

    Interesting enough the problem now also exists in version 2.1.0 😉 Maybe the number of posts has exceeded some limit? I have 1190 post entries on my blog.

    It would also be very cool if there was an option to turn the loading of prototype and scriptaculous off because there could be conflicts with other plugins etc.

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  • By the way: When using the post content and trimming that to a specific amount of characters there are some issues with special characters. German umlauts for example get somehow cut off weirdly so that the page doesn’t validate anymore. The “cut” character also looks weird, it’s some sort of symbol instead of ä, ö or ü.

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