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  • Hello to the developer of this excellent plugin!

    (I failed to contact you from your site, hope you will see this message.)

    I made several bug fixes and updates to CYC, so it will work well with 2.9.x, woek with more kinds of themes (esp. those that float things around), work with bot rtl and ltr sites, and so on.

    I also added a few features, mainly involving options to simplify the registration and profile.

    I would love to send you these changes so you could integrate them to the next release of the plugin. You can email me (yonat att ootips dott org) or leave a message here to tell me where to send the updates.

    Thanks for the great plugin!

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  • Hello yonat, can you tell me does your updated version work with WP 3.0? I like to use this plugin but am concerned it has not been tested lately and looks like the plugin page on the author website is no longer available.

    Thank you!

    Yes, the updated version does work with 3.0. If you use a localized version of WordPress you will need to make change the capitalization in 3 strings (“first name”, “last name” and “your username”). Other than that – it works the same.

    Thanks yonat, it is working just fine … I am unclear on your meaning here:

    If you use a localized version of WordPress you will need to make change the capitalization in 3 strings (“first name”, “last name” and “your username”).

    Can you say anything more about this? Like I say, it is working just fine as is, but if there is something more I should notice, I would much like to do so.

    Thank you for providing your updated file, I have added it to several sites that I have using CYC. Very much appreciated!

    CYC uses the same po/mo files as WordPress itself for localization, so any change to the localized strings in WordPress affects CYC.

    The strings that changed between WordPress 2.x and 3.0 will not get localized, so you will see them in English instead of your localized language. There are 3 such strings, all in the Profile page: “First name”, “Last name”, and” Your username”. In WordPress 3.0 they should be changed to: “First Name”, “Last Name”, and “Username”. Just search for them in cyc.php and change them there.

    Of course, if you’re using WordPress in English then you don’t need to change anything.

    Thank you, now I understand. And again, a big thanks for your update to cyc.php!

    Very much appreciated!


    Sorry to bust in on your thread but private messages are apparently not an option.

    I missed your reply on my thread

    I found a workaround for the problem by using only subscribers (and therefore missed the reply) but now I’m again faced with the problem of adding user levels to be affected by the plugin and I’m wondering if your reworking of this awesome plugin has this function built in. If not then do you still have the modified php file you mention?

    Yes, I’ve add user levels into CYC. You can get the modified version at .

    Hi Yonat. Is it possible for you to post a new link for yout modified version of CYC. The link above didnt work for me.


    I’m afraid I am having problems logging into the server. Try right-clicking the link and doing a “Save As”, it should work this way.

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