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  1. brett.hillesheim
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hello, I'm using the Customize WordPress Plugin (It can be found Here)

    The developer has ceased development of this plugin, but it still works with the latest version of WordPress.

    Anyway, I'm wanting to add new CSS properties to the customize list, but can't quite figure it out. I've found in nice_theme.php where it has:

    function assign_patterns()
    		$this->patterns = array();
    		$this->patterns['size']['patterns'] = 'right|left|width|margin|padding|height|size|font-size';
    		$this->patterns['size']['units'] = 'px|em|%';
    		$this->patterns['color']['patterns'] = 'color';
    		$this->patterns['image']['patterns'] = 'image';
    		$this->patterns['align']['patterns'] = 'align|float';
    		$this->patterns['align']['values'] = 'left|right';
    		$this->patterns['position']['patterns'] = 'position';
    		$this->patterns['position']['values'] = 'top|bottom|center|left|right';
    		$this->patterns['display']['patterns'] = 'display';
    		$this->patterns['display']['values'] = 'block|inline|none';
    		$this->patterns['font-style']['patterns'] = 'font-style';
    		$this->patterns['font-style']['values'] = 'normal|italic';
    		$this->patterns['font-weight']['patterns'] = 'font-weight';
    		$this->patterns['font-weight']['values'] = 'normal|bold';

    I want to add:

    $this->patterns['display']['patterns'] = 'font-family';
    		$this->patterns['display']['values'] = 'Times New Roman,Georgia,Serif|Arial,helvetica,sans-serif|Palatino Linotype, Book Antiqua, Palatino, serif|Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif';
    		$this->patterns['font-style']['patterns'] = 'border-style';
    		$this->patterns['font-style']['values'] = 'solid|dotted|dashed';

    But when I add that, it still doesn't change the customize options page. So, I'm guessing I'm missing something else. Anyone have any clues?

  2. brett.hillesheim
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Anyone have any thoughts on that?

    I've tried working with the script a little bit more, but still can't get it.

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