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[Plugin: Custom Upload Dir] Unable to create directory…

  • When uploading files, I get a “Unable to create directory . Is its parent directory writable by the server?” error. I cannot really recall when it broke; it was working okay previously. Might be during the latest upgrade or when I changed hosts recently.

    Some information…

    My site is hosted at http://staccatoslur.com. My media files are hosted in the subdomain library.staccatoslur.com (/public_html/library). I use Custom Upload Dir with the following settings:

    Custom upload directory: %post_name%
    Base upload folder: library/post

    Under my Settings/Media,

    Store uploads in this folder: library/post
    Full URL path to files: http://library.staccatoslur.com/post/

    So what I want to do, is for any images I upload automatically be sorted in its corresponding post-named folder under library.staccatoslur.com/post/ e.g. abc.png, which belongs to the post titled “BCDEF”, should go under library.staccatoslur.com/post/BCDEF/abc.png.

    Curiously, if I leave the “custom upload directory” option blank i.e. do no sorting, the files upload okay, i.e. library.staccatoslur.com/post/abc.png. Hence, I think uploading actually works; but the variable custom upload directory e.g. %post_name% does not. Using a non-variable upload directory will work e.g. “custom upload directory = BCDEF”. (Which gives me the double-slashed library.staccatoslur.com/post//BCDEF/abc.png in WordPress, but that is not a major issue. The extra slash can be removed without negative consequences and the folder created is still named “BCDEF” under “library/post”.)

    I have set /library/post to 777 permissions already, but to no avail.

    I hope my post explains my problem properly. Any help from anyone? Thanks!


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