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[resolved] Path based on Taxonomy? (5 posts)

  1. cmurockstar
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I love this plug-in. Quick question - i see you have categories as a path item, can you also do taxonomies that you make yourself?

    For example, if i have a movie taxonomy with Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, etc. Can I have my path be:




  2. cmurockstar
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hey - so i hacked your code - feel free to use it. Basically I created a new term you can add to get the first term from a custom taxonomy. There is the skeleton to make it do more, but you can at least get 1 term and make it the path.

    add this after line 106
    $customdir = (strpos($customdir, '%post_taxonomy_%') !== false)? cud_find_and_replace_taxonomies($post_id,$customdir): $customdir;

    and then after the function cud_get_categories_name, add

    #/--------------- HACK - START ----------------------------\
    function cud_find_and_replace_taxonomies($post_id,$customdir){
    	//$prefix = "%post_taxonomy_%";
    	//$postfix = "%_post_taxonomy%";
    	//str_replace($prefix.$postfix,"josh-test01", $customdir);
    	return cud_find_and_replace_taxonomies_helper($post_id,$customdir);
    function cud_find_and_replace_taxonomies_helper($post_id,$customdir){
    	$prefix = "%post_taxonomy_%";
    	$postfix = "%_post_taxonomy%";
    	$prefix_length = strlen($prefix);
    	$postfix_length = strlen($postfix);
    	$prefix_index = strpos($customdir,$prefix);
    	$postfix_index = strpos($customdir,$postfix);
    	if(($prefix_index !== false) && ($postfix_index !== false)){
    		$str_left = substr($customdir,0,$prefix_index);
    		$postfix_ending_index = $postfix_index+$postfix_length;
    		$str_right_length = strlen($customdir)-$postfix_ending_index;
    		$str_right = substr($customdir,$postfix_ending_index,$str_right_length);
    		$prefix_ending_index = $prefix_index+$prefix_length;
    		$taxonomyName = substr($customdir,$prefix_index+$prefix_length,$postfix_index-$prefix_ending_index);
    		return cud_find_and_replace_taxonomies_helper($post_id,$str_left.cud_get_taxonomy($post_id,$taxonomyName).$str_right);
    		clear all unused with placeholders
    		return str_replace($prefix,"-cud-pr-", str_replace($postfix,"-cud-po-", $customdir));
    function cud_get_taxonomy($post_id,$taxonomyName){
    	return cud_get_taxonomies($post_id,$taxonomyName,1);
    function cud_get_taxonomies($post_id,$taxonomyName,$count){
    	$terms_array = get_the_terms($post_id,$taxonomyName);
    		$terms = array();
    		if($count == -1){
    			foreach($terms_array as $term_object){
    				$terms[] = $term_object->slug;
    			for ( $counter = 0; $counter < count($terms_array) && $counter < $count; $counter += 1) {
    				$terms[] = $terms_array[$counter]->slug;
    		return implode('-', $terms);
    		return "_".$taxonomyName;
    #\--------------- HACK - END   ----------------------------/

    Then in cud_option_page, add the following to $placeholder
    'post_taxonomy_%%_post_taxonomy' => __('The post\'s first term in the specified taxonomy. Place taxonomy name between the two delimiters', 'cud'),

    Please contact me if you want the php file.

  3. ulfben
    Plugin Author

    Posted 5 years ago #

    Beautiful, thank you very much for helping out!

    I'd love to get some details on your use case for taxonomies. I'm not a heavy blog user myself and am not sure what taxanomies are or how they're used in practice.

    It seems your hack requires a new way of using the configuration panel - requiring a prefix and postfix.

    I suggest we allow users to input '%taxanomy-name%' instead ('taxanomy-name' would obviously be whatever taxonomy you want to build a path from). If there's no terms defined we throw that part (of the path) out.

    Makes sense?

  4. cmurockstar
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Oh yes - your idea works much better - I just wanted something i could code up quickly; clearly your solution would be more elegant.

    I can write you offline about my use case so not to clutter the forms

  5. ulfben
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    This is in version 3.3 btw. Sorry for not updating the thread. You can use %category%, %tags% or any of your own custom taxonomies straight up.

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