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  • To the authors of Custom_Upload_Dir and knowledgeable coders:

    It would appear that the Custom_Upload_Dir plugin is not working with WordPress 2.5. It handles the dates fine, it just fails to put uploads in the %post_title% directory. Unfortunately for me, this is the part I need most!

    I am pretty ordinary at these things so I would greatly appreciate it if someone could take a look and see why it isn’t working. Perhaps the new version refers to post slugs differently?

    Anyway, thanks in advance.

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  • Another question to other users:
    Should the Custoum Upload plugin create all necessary directories on the server automagically – or will I have to prepare it all manually.
    Can’t make it work here…
    – still on 2.3.3

    It did it automatically for me on 2.3, not sure why it isn’t working for you.

    This custom upload directory is the last thing lacking from my upgrade to 2.5. Any help with fixing it would be GREATLY appreciated

    Maybe my problem is connected to permissions. Sometimes I even have to make my host change permission settings on folders to get writing access to them.
    Thanks for telling – and let’s hope the good guys makes an upgrade!
    By the way, have you tried on 2.5? (Maybe apart from that automatic folder creation part, it works on 2.3.3 thow the plugin page says up to 2.3.1)

    I forget if I was on 2.3.1 or 2.3.3 but it did it automatically for me.

    I HAVE tried it on 2.5, that is my whole problem. It doesn’t work. It handles dates fine, but not post title.

    Interestingly, i have found that if I choose to save just under post title, it fails this and the file ends up in the base folder. However, it also creates the following directory: base/year/month/day/post_title which is empty. There seems to be a mismatch between creating directories, the options chosen and the saving of the file. That might come in handy for anyone attempting to fix this.

    OTHERWISE: Does anyone have ANY idea how to allow files to be uploaded to base/post_slug? I don’t care if it’s an ugly hack. Any ideas would be great.


    Please ulfben, update this plugin to make it work with wordpress 2.5.
    This is a very useful plugin for those who want all their data well organized.

    Thanks in advance.


    Custom Upload Dir has been updated at last! 🙂

    post_title has been fixed, support for WP 2.7 beta 1 is confirmed and there’s tons and tons of small fixes.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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