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  • I want to upload an Excel spreadsheet to custom tables. To do so I have exported the table as a CSV. The plugin says I must use a semi-colon as the delimiter between fields, however, the default Excel delimiter is a comma, and I have not found a way to change that in Excel itself.

    I opened the exported CSV in TextEdit and did a Find & Replace to replace all of the commas with semi-colons. When I try to import this file to custom tables, I receive the error, “Please upload only valid CSV Files!”

    I don’t know what is making my files invalid. There are commas in some of my entries, but I tried a version where I removed all of the commas, and the file was still invalid.

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  • hi jules

    Problem is that when you open the CSV File with notepad as example and edit it, after you save it, the file is really as a SCV, BUT the file header has changed.

    That will not work. Within 2.0.0 version where I add today news, you dont need to change to ; and can use the Comma as delimiter.

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