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  • Resolved osasko


    Hi, I have gone through all your tutorials and managed to setup a table correctly.

    One thing I’m struggling with is importing data from excel.
    1) What format should dates be ? 12/2/2012 vs 2012/12/2 or something else?
    mine is only showing 1 number….
    2) My column is city : with one word cities like “London” Works perfectly , but a city like New York = blank.(Maybe cos of 2 words)
    3) All other info is showing correctly

    Thanks for this great plugin!

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  • Plugin Author Stefan M.


    Hi osasko

    1). Month/day/year should work, also day.month.year
    It looks about the format.
    so, also year/month/day would work, but only 4 digits year!

    2). No problem? Save New York in the table in one field inkl the blank.

    Please notice that import from Excel is possible, BUT you need to save the excel sheet in the correct “format” to import. Its only allowed to have comma or semikolon splittet values and ALL FIELDS need to be escaped with ” not only text fields as excel does a lot.


    Thanks for the reply!!

    1) Date = I tried using 2012-01-03 instead of 2012/01/03 and it is working perfectly now!
    2)I was using enum/drop-down and made a spelling error = thus didn’t pick up the word. (My mistake)
    3) I also used “Autofit column Width” in excel to remove any spaces. (Not sure if it helped)
    4) Added “ID” column= 1 , 2 ,3 etc and “Status” column = active before other data columns in excel.

    So everything is working perfectly now!

    Thanks for the hard work!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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