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  • For me it’s working like this:
    [wctphp]strftime(“%A, %d.%m.%Y”,'{datum}’)[/wctphp]

    (the string ‘datum’ is the field name type date.)

    Plugin Author Stefan M.


    Thanks miharix 🙂

    Ok that fixes it. How come i have to do that to make it work vs just <td>{datum}</td>? Was this stated somewhere and i missed it? Cause i was completely oblivious to the wctphp modification.

    Also what about emails being stored in a text field coming up as 0’s? pretty sure this is being caused by the @(?)

    Plugin Author Stefan M.


    Problem is that I save dates as TIMESTAMP.

    And you can then decide if you want to see only:

    Monday, 12.12.2011
    12.12.2011 13:15
    12.12. 1:15 pm
    There are unlimited possibilities. That you have all, I let you decide with this code 😉

    I have only added the wctdate button also that you can select it if you want above the table setup page.

    ok i see. but what about a solution for emails?

    Plugin Author Stefan M.


    what about emails?

    you can store mails in a varchar() field and give out normal.

    oops. my fault. typo in the table setup.

    Hey I just wanted to say, custom tables is shaping up to be exactly what I needed Thanks.

    I’m new to wordpress and I managed to fix the timestamp with the help from this post but I’m not sure how to fix it when I filter by date.

    Here is what I have so far.

    [wctselect id="4" field="entrydate" limit="999" maintext="Date Filter"]

    Any thoughts?

    Plugin Author Stefan M.


    right now not possible 🙁 I didn’t think about…

    I add it on the feature list, is very easy to fix and will do it.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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