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    Hi Stefan,

    Great plugin, just what i was looking for.

    Would it be possible to add in a download link system as part of the option to modifying your table plugin setup ?

    A good example would be something like this

    I want to add a download system to my website by means of tables to show

    1. table header titles
    – file name
    – description
    – Quality e.g. 1080p, 720p, dvd
    – file size
    – file type e.g. MKV, AVI
    – Download link e.g. megaupload
    – Mirror Download Link 1 e.g. rapidshare
    – Mirror Download Link 2 e.g. mediafire

    2. Category selection e.g.
    – Anime
    – Manga
    – Music Video

    So anyway, when you click the download link, it doesn’t download, instead it just opens a new browser tab going to the website link posted.

    Actually i want to integrate google +1 content locker plugin for the download urls if that would be possible. Would it be possible for me to use my google+1 content locker within the download link section of the table ? Would it work ?

    PS: i tried to go to your site to ask about this, but apparently the site is down at the moment.

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  • Plugin Author Stefan M.



    Know that the site is down, therefor I replaced the link in the Plugin at the moment.

    Of corse I will add links which opens in the same windows and download directly. Should be a small fix.

    The Google+1 Content should not be a problem to add. I will try and let you know.

    have a look at for new comments or follow ups 😉

    Of corse English is also welcome for requests.

    Plugin Author Stefan M.


    unfordentatly Google Content Locker is premium plugin what I cant test how to make it work.

    I try to get a test version for some days to fix it out.. Will write an mail at this evening.

    Do you have an email i can contact you privately ?

    Of corse I will add links which opens in the same windows and download directly. Should be a small fix.

    No no. I think you misunderstood me.

    The external download link e.g. megaupload, rapidshare, should open in a new tab window in the browser, and only go to the site. Not auto download 😀

    Because free file hosting require going to their page and waiting for the timer to go down, then you click on download when ready.

    That is why you can’t just immediately download like that :]

    Basically just let it go to the link from the table as if you were just visiting a site rather than downloading, e.g. :}

    Anyway what i had in mind was doing something like this

    Plugin Author Stefan M.

    (@stefan-m-1) replace the right . with at.
    Ahh, I understand, you want add links with opening in new window, that is no problem to do already.

    hsbsitez is not a problem to realize.

    I installed your plugin to try to experiment, but when adding a field, or trying to remove a field, it cannot add or delete.

    I only managed to add a frield by clicking save all.

    But i can’t click to add more fields don’t know why. I am using Chrome browser. I also tested with firefox, also same issue. So i don’t think it’s a browser problem :{

    Plugin Author Stefan M.


    Version 1.0.0 has broken Ajax code. Will mostly what it should, download 1.0.1!!!

    I’m using Version 1.0.3

    I still cannot click “add new field “

    :/ u sure it’s fixed ?

    Plugin Author Stefan M.


    With 1.0.3 its working. Which Browser do you use? Which version of it?

    I will try to solve it asap.

    1.0.3 using this. Using Chrome.

    Do you have team viewer ? Whats your email or instant messenger so i can contact you privately 😀

    Plugin Author Stefan M.


    My contact details are:
    Mostly under the week on msn & icq. Skype only if you send me a mail.
    Teamviewer should be fine, or another tool which I use (echoware).

    But will download chrome today and test here.

    Plugin Author Stefan M.


    Google Chrome 12.0.742.122 is working properly.

    Try to force Chrom to delete your cache. Perhaps your pc has the old JS file in the cache which will not work. check again.

    If it has not worked:
    Please try to delete complete plugin via FTP. Connect to mysql (e.g. phpmyadmin) and delete wct_list and wct* tables.
    If you need help by cleaning the database, I could provide you a php file, which clean up the db.

    After that, reinstall plugin and check again.

    If it is not working, you can create an account in your installation (not need to be admin, can be subscriber as example) and go to custom-tables -> settings and set everywhere in the rights subscriber as right. After that I can access only my own plugin and check and search the error.

    Hi Stefan,

    Custom Tables is exactly what I’d like to use on my association WordPress site, thanks for developping this !

    A few words on the context :
    -> currently used WP version : 3.2 (not updated to 3.2.1 yet)
    -> currently installed Custom Tables version : downloaded less than a month ago

    The problem :
    -> it is impossible to create a table : it’s possible to access the “Create Table” panel, but once the table has a title and a few rows of data and that I do “save all changes”, I never get to see a preview of my table
    -> I did test this on Chrome and Firefox, and still have the same problem

    Do you have some clues on how to solve this ?
    Thanks in advance for pointing out some solutions 🙂

    Best regards,
    Marguerite for AssoForTAL

    Plugin Author Stefan M.


    There are some bugs like this in the old versions. They should be fixed in 1.4.0 or at least in the beta 1.5.0.

    Complete deinstall the plugin and delete the tables in the database if not happend.

    Reinstall 1.4.0 and check for problem again.

    Hi Stefan,

    Did so : uninstalled and reinstalled 1.4.0, and it’s still impossible to view a table once it has been instanced.

    I just don’t get where the problem comes from, it seems nothing is written in the database…

    I’d almost kill for a clue right now 🙂 I just want to use Custom Tables so much !!

    Thanks for any idea you’d have on this one.


    Plugin Author Stefan M.



    Generate me a login for your wordpress installation that I can login.

    Also please enable me a remote connection login for the MYSQL db that I can clean it manually.

    Send this stuff to the mailadress stefan wuk ch.

    I will fix it then.

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