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  • Plugin Author marquex



    I realized that the Custom Sidebars plugin is been downloaded a bunch of times, and i don’t have a method to give a little support for the plugin, so I decided to answer any questions about its usage, complaints or sugerences here in this topic.

    It will be nice to have some feedback about the plugin.


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  • paluchgda


    Hi, this plugin is very usefull but i have problem with creating new custom sidebar. When i click “creat sidebar” show “The sidebar has been created successfully.” but nothing in “All the Custom Sidebars”. The same is in Widget area – only original “Primary widget area”, “Second widget area” and more.

    For the first time when i used this plugin, creating custom sidebar was successful but i deleted my “test” sidebar and from now i can’t add new sidebar.

    Something strange….
    in Default Sidebars area is “my test” sidebar.
    in Post i may assign “my test” sidebar to my post but its not working on site.

    In my case – nothing show in widgets area on the right side so i can’t edit anything.

    help please…




    cs_sidebars stored every created sidebars
    when i have only one custom sidebar created and when i deleted it, in cs_sidebars is a:0:{}

    when in “custom sidebars” is more than one sidebar everythings is ok. I can delete, add new sidebars.

    Temporary i solved this problem by deleting “cs_sidebars” from wp_options and creating custom sidebars form begining – it works.

    My suggestion – it is possible to editing name and description existing sidebar?



    paluchgda – where exactly to we remove this?


    – J



    OK, found that if you delete both, cs_sidebars and cs_modifiable then it works again. Agree, ability to edit name and description would be helpful. Thanks.

    – J

    Plugin Author marquex


    I already had a look to the plugin to discover the bug, and i have already found it and fixed it. When you delete all the custom sidebars an empty array was left in the db. When you create a new sidebar the plugin tried to create the option again, but it is already there, so it doesn’t work.

    Later today you will have the version 0.5 that fixes the problem.

    Thanks for the feedback, if i have no complaints i can’t discover such things.

    About the feature of editing name and description, the description one is easy to do, maybe for the next version, but the name it’s a little more complex, because the WP stores the sidebars and widgets in several internal variables, and if the name is changed, it has to be changed also in those variablas and I am very lazy 😀


    Plugin Author marquex


    You can try now the new version and tell me if it is working properly.



    I really like the idea of this plugin but I can’t get the create new side bar to work. It is creating the sidebar and do not want to override any of the existing ones, it is showing up in widgets and I can add widgets into it but when I go to the post or page there is nothing in the sidebar drop down except to tell me to create one. I am using 0.5 on the twenty ten and have tried it on three other themes to no luck. Thanks for any help.

    Plugin Author marquex


    Hi anaknew,

    It seems like you didn’t define any sidebar as replaceable.

    Go to Appearance > Custom Sidebars, and there in the section Replaceable Sidebars select ‘primay-widget-area’. That is the sidebar that is used by the theme 20 10. Save the changes, and in the post or page edition you will see that the ‘primary-widget-area’ is suitable for replacement by any of the custom bars you made before.

    Thanks Marquex

    It is all working now in my theme, and a great addition, thank you.

    I can’t get it to work in the twenty ten theme as no sidebars are coming up to replace, but I think that is my problem to work out why.

    Hi there,

    I used to a have a custom sidebar set up on this page: however, now it’s showing the default (main) sidebar for the site always, even when I change the sidebar specifically on that page. How do I re-link it to the plugin? It seems to be broken? It works on the other pages still…

    The Custom Sidebars admin area does not appear in the Appearance pane if the plugin is activated by an admin under a multisite install. Do you have a suggestion for making this work?
    Your solution works well, but can only be accessed by the superadmin currently, which is not something that my setup will be able to implement.


    Plugin Author marquex


    Hi Anutherwin,

    The default capability needed to manage sidebars is ‘edit_themes’, so it’s possible that the admin is the only user who have it.

    You can assign capabilities to users by using some plugins, and also you can modify the capability for managing sidebars editing the plugin:

    Plugins >> Edit >> Custom sidebars

    There in the class CustomSidebars there is a attribute called cap_required which define the capability used by the plugin.

    If you switch the capability to some other less strict authors will be able to edit sidebars.

    Here you have the relations between roles and capabilities:


    I am using the Genesis Theme on wordpress, I was wondering if that would be an issue. I can apply the custom sidebar to an individual post, or page but, for some reason, it won’t apply when I try to change the default settings. It only displays the standard sidebar. I am trying to replace the Secondary Sidebar per, category. Any help would be appreciated. is the site I am running.



    I am also using genesis theme and want to have the custom side bar showing in the archive searches – I am using the primary sidebar and so far cannot get the archive pages to show different sidebars – it just shows the

    sorry forget end of post..

    the widget as specified in the primary sidebar which a the default sidebar

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