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    First of all I love this plugin, just what I was looking for.

    Now the bad news….I had been using it for a couple of days, adding post types and taxonomies. Then all of a sudden pages, posts and media stopped showing entries. In other words, when I click on “Pages”, “Posts” or “Media” to view all the entries it says Nothing Found. It’s showing counts in “published” and “trash” for each post type but not actually showing the entries themselves. I have deactivated ALL plugins and still every time I reactivate Custom Post Types UI it breaks everything.

    The only thing that I recall doing even remotely different when it happened was that I started making some of the taxonomies hierarchical.

    Any help would be appreciated. I had a ton of work done using this plugin before this happened.

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  • Plugin Author Brad Williams


    That’s strange. I’m assuming you’re running WP 3.0.1? When you deactivate Custom Post Type UI does the Posts, Pages, and Media start working again?

    Yes, WP 3.0.1.

    Yes, when I deactivate everything goes back to normal. So, I can reproduce the problem at will by activating the plugin. Posts, Pages and Media break each time.


    I’m having the same issue. I’ve used the plugin successfully on several sites, but am now using it on another site and it is breaking administration for posts/pages and the 3 custom post types I have built…

    I am running PHP 5, but had to update from 4 to 5 after my WP install. I’m not sure that would have impacted it though.

    It displays the following in the left column which gets rid of the admin nav:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /public_html/wp-admin/menu-header.php> on line 40

    And in the right column it will say:

    No [Posts] Found, but above that it will show All (50) | Published (50)

    I’m using WP 3.0.1 and Custom Post Type UI version 0.6.2

    Would love a solution asap if anyone can help. Thanks!

    Apparently the database got corrupted somehow in tandem with the use of the plugin. I did a clean install and a built a new DB and all is well. No idea what triggered it….

    I retract that. Something happened! I had successfully created a custom post type and the admin was great. I created posts within it. Then I went in to create 2 additional custom post types and a custom taxonomy and then I went back and the admin is broken again.

    OF INTEREST: When I delete the custom taxonomy the admin is fixed…. I’m not sure if this is stable/temporary, but it is an observation. It immobilizes me a little…. Anyone else noticing this?


    I was naming the custom taxonomy “menu” (as the site is for a restaurant and I was distinguishing “food” items by “appetizer”, “entree”, “dessert”). UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That naming convention broke it because of some conflicts.

    TAKE NOTE — you can’t have a custom taxonomy named “menu”.

    Plugin Author Brad Williams


    Thanks for sharing fuscco. I’ll restrict reserved words in the next version to prevent this from happening in the future

    I had this same type of issue about three months ago. With another plugin that was released to do the same thing. I had to due a complete reinstall of WP. Real bummer. Had a bunch of people looking at it trying to figure out what the hell happened. No one could figure it out.

    So I guess the best practice to avoid this until the next revision would be to try to make your custom taxonomies specific enough to your project that it’s unlike their in use via the WordPress core.

    Thanks for an awesome plugin Brad!


    Thanks for sharing how you fixed it. I had the exact problem working on a restaurant website.

    yes, I was having same issue for giving name “menu” as I was working for a restaurent site 😛 , but now life is great as I changed it 🙂

    Would be nice if we had the option to add a database prefix to the post type names (names as used in the DB).

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