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    Just a quick note to add to the previous ‘category still not working’ thread previously closed. There still seems to be an issue with two different categories within the same custom post type, which share a custom taxonomy. The end result being that under such circumstances, the ‘category’ setting does not have any effect and both categories display within all lists when set to the same custom taxonomy. Is there any fix for this? (or a version of WP where this works?)


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    Sorry for the super late reply. We have not really spent as much time as we would have like keeping up on the plugin.

    Let me get this straight before I dig into the problem.

    Custom Post type of “Shirts”

    When trying to call different categories under the same post type the plugin fails?

    Hi, just chipping in. Yes, that’s correct. If a category is used, the plugin fails to work unless taxonomy is also filled in — it simply displays “No posts”.

    However, even after the taxonomy is entered, it displays all of a certain set of custom posts instead of a particular category. It seems that this could be as a result of the separation between the term_id and the actual category name. I spent a while trying to fix it but haven’t been able to yet. Adding a term_id field might be a solution — I made an attempt but it didn’t work. I’m a moderate-to-low level PHP coder so I am kind of blundering in the dark on it.

    Are you still working on this?

    To be clear, exactly what leadingdesigns says above is correct. It displays all custom posts with the same taxonomy and does not distinguish between categories — it lists all of them no matter what is entered for “category.”

    Otherwise it’s a great plugin and exactly what I needed to allow my clients to add some sponsor logos in one place as custom slider posts and have them list like normal posts in another. But they’re sponsors which they’re listing and they need to be able to break them into sponsorship-level categories in the list section, which is where I’m running your plugin.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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