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  • Hello there,

    i read all the posts and were investigating, but so far i had no luck therfore i ll try to get the attention here.

    I installed the plugin, modified the functions.php to work with my custom posts and created a template – everything cool so far.
    I can select the template for that post and save it, but it still keeps using the original custom post type template “single-example.php” instead of my “single-example-grey.php”

    Maybe someone can point me in the right deirection cause i am a bit lost. I am trying to solve this on own in the meantime but any help will be appreciated.

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  • Hey,

    anyone? I am using the Custom Post Type Manager Plugin and this one and am still stuck at the same point.
    I can select the template but it does not use the selected template – even a little hint on how to debug this would help me.





    Well manuel, did find a solution?…I have exactly the same problem….can’t find the solution…

    I don’t know if it is relevant but, are you sure you’ve changed the heading of the new template’s .php file to a new name?

    The first lines at the top should be




    Well mr IAN6…yes I did, and teh only thing what I get is the option but when I select it nothing happend. I have the OXYGEN themes….maybe in this theme is not possible to do it.

    maybe your template file is not formated any different from the one you use? can happen some times…

    make some very visible change in the new template file’s code to check that it picks up the right one.

    (very interesting site btw)



    nothing changes….im going crazyyy!!!!

    Hey there,

    for now it seems that it is not possible with a lot of coding. You can find additional info here

    I would love to be able to do that, but since it has minor priority i am hoping for the Custom Type Plugin to update.



    pixelartist!…can you help me with teh CUSTOM POST TEMPLATE?


    i think i am one step closer to solving this issue. I just found out that the oxygen theme I am using, is based on the hybrid core framework.

    Believe it or not, but access to the documentary has been restricted to paying users :/

    I am trying to understand the “body_class” function of the custom post template to get an idea what is missing, but it would be great if the author could support us with debugging tips!



    Thanls Pixelartist!, I almost give up with this particulary subject. I’m working with MAMP, I’ve created a local host and installed the oxygen theme there…now I can toch whatever I want with no fear to mess with my web!. I you can tell I’m totally new in web desings, but I can say now…is amazinnggg!!! Thanks again for your response!! INTERNET RULE!!


    thanks for the comment 🙂 – don’t get overexcited yet, we still are stuck with the problem, but i am not giving up on this one. My best shot – it is actually working (the plugin and everything) but missing a hook somewhere.
    As mentioned – hopefully the author or someone with more experience reads this and can help us out understanding how this plugins connects to the template flow.



    HOPE!!! last thing to loose!…pixelartist, a quickly cuestion, Do you know how to: 1- change the velocity of the slider-showcase-fornt page.
    2-An make it bigger, I mean, wider.
    like the official wordpress site




    I’m having same problem.

    I can select template from dropdown list but no changes reflected on page.

    In my case I just want some posts to show the meta-info (Published by… on …), and some don’t.

    I’ve created a copy of single.php, edited header and selected template.

    but once edited nothing changes.

    Hi same problem here as well no changes are reflected, have you been able to resolve this issue?



    Well, Sofia…unfortunately I must say that I have not. After hours and hours of research I could not find the answers. It seems to be that this particulary plugin doesn’t work in every Themes from WP. What I did was change all the post directly from the CSS. I’m not easy to give up but this plugin defeat me.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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