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  • Hi,

    I suspect my problem is down to me but I’ve installed your plugin on my site so that I can set the number of posts on my first page to 3 and subsequent pages i.e. 2+ to 12.

    I’ve got 17 post on the blog, when I load the first page I see 3 posts (great), click older posts, see 12 posts (again great) but on page 2 there is no older posts button to click to view the last 2 posts?

    I have a header to my main section above where I display the loop that swaps a title for a clickable newer posts on pages > 1 as follows:

    <?php if ( !is_single() && $paged > 1 )
    {echo previous_posts_link( __( ‘<< Newer posts’ ) );}
    {echo “Latest Posts”;} ?>
    <div id=nextpost>
    <?php next_posts_link( __( ‘Older posts >>’,0 ) ); ?>

    I can’t work out why when page = 2, my older posts no longer works…

    It did work before I used your plugin, is there something I need to change for my code to be compatible?



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  • Just to add a little more information, the if statement still works fine as the newer posts link does appear, just the older posts one disappears…

    I’ve been experiencing the same problem as well, with a Front Page Limit of 1~4 and subsequent Paged Limit of 8 and above.

    Essentially, it seems that subsequent paged limits greater than 8 don’t work.

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