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  • Resolved rcain



    Firstly, thanks for creating this plugin – surprised there appear to be no similar ones already out there.

    Possible bug 1:

    wordpress 3.0.3, ‘custom menu images’ plugin 0.2 (haven’t retried yet with latest 0.5 but am just about to).

    installed plugin, created new menu, added images, fine.
    but then, created totally separate menu (no images) and images stored against previously created menu all dissapeared – had to add them again to previous menu, after which all was fine again.

    Possible bug 2:

    function get_custom_menu_image_css

    adds style
    font-weight: bold;
    color: red;

    – this is a real nuisance and seems totally unnecessary. why?

    Possible design flaw:

    I really hate it when plugins embedd style attributes in code like this – goes totally against good coding practice and also messes up the resulting html with large block of inline css at bottom of page code.

    please, is there any way you can just leave developers to incorporate their own css styling in the normal theme css file (or, if you must, break css out into a separate (dynamic) plugin css file). ps. i realise it is fiddly to set css background image from admin code like this, but there are better ways.


    for the while, i am rewriting the plugin slightly to meet my needs better (re. points above), but would really help if you could rethink the structure slightly for future versions.


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  • Plugin Author anabelle


    Hi, sorry for the delay.

    Can you share your modifications back? We are about to release a new version.


    Hi Anabelle

    No worries – thanks for your response. Sorry for my delay also.

    Heres a link to a pastebin of changes I made to: custom-menu-images.php, (v0.5) ::

    my mods are marked ‘mod jrc …’ – 2 main purposes::
    1) fix save_config() so it saves
    2) moving all unnecessary css out from php and into my main theme css file (otherwise user cannot easily override these styles since they are included by your app at footer).

    hope these are of help, pleae get back to me if i can assist.

    all best.

    Hi rcain & Anabelle,
    Thanks rcain, I tested your mods and it seems to fix the “disappearing images problem” with multiple Custom Menus.
    For the css part (bottom of the page), I keep Anabelle’s choice to style the
    ‘li’ element, not the ‘a’ itself.

    Thanks again; problem solved in my case…

    As an aside, style rules shouldn’t be written if the Custom Menu doesn’t display thumbnails…

    Hi all. What’s the status here? Is there a dev build I can try or has 0.6 relase been scheduled that incorporates this?


    Plugin Author anabelle


    We have a new version with many improvements comming next week.

    Keep tunned and thanks for your feedbak.


    Looking forward for the new version!!!!

    excellent work guys!
    please keep us posted

    Thank you!

    Hi Anabelle,

    Will the new version fix all the above problems?

    I have a website going live possibly at the end of the week and I was using the plugin until I created a second menu and all the images disappeared from the first one.

    Very frustrating. Please let us know on this post when it’s released, but I hope to find an other solution in the meantime!


    Hey guys!

    does anybody know how to make the attached image a link with the same permalink as the menu item?

    thanks again!

    Plugin Author anabelle


    Hey ameraz.

    The image is set via CSS in the front end, so you can make it the background of the menu item.

    lemonfig, yes, this bugs are solved. Sorry this week we couldn’t release the new version.

    I have the latest version of this plugin and I’m experiencing the “disappearing” images problem. What is happening, not on a code level, is that the first menu displayed on the page shows the images. Any menus following that one don’t get their anchor elements set with a CSS background image.

    Is there a fix for this?


    @rcain: I’m using your code now and it seems to be working so far…the only issue is that while you give the backround-image on 133, you don’t specify no-repeat on it. I’ve added to my code on line 134
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    to solve this problem.

    Plugin Author anabelle


    We just released a new version that improves CSS generation and handling for multiple menus


    Thanks anabelle.
    I will try it ASAP…

    Hey there Anabelle
    thanks again for sharing your contribution, its been very helpful.

    I already tried previous versions of this plugin and always have found ways to overcome the things that I want to customize, but this time I need a little help.

    The plugin automatically brings the custom menu image with the following CSS …

    ul#menu-obras li > a, ul#menu-obras li:hover > a {
        background-position: 5px center;
        background-repeat: no-repeat;
        padding-left: 23px;

    … right after adding the backgorund image to the


    I found inside the custom-menu-images.php the following lines (132-138) adding the CSS …

    $this->styles[] = ''
    					.$element.' li > a,'
    					.$element.' li:hover > a{
    						background-repeat: no-repeat;
    						background-position: 5px center;
    						padding-left: 23px;

    … but even after removing them the CSS styling persists.

    I’d strongly suggest that if the plugin is oriented for developers and, as the instructions advice, should have CSS styling because it won’t look nice out of the box, it should not have any styling pre defined anywhere in the plugin files.

    I’m returining to the previous version fixed by rcain.
    I hope you find this feedback helpful.


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