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  • *) would it be possible to switch/exchange the order (in custom field option panel) of ‘css’ and ‘[ctf] shortcode format’? shortcode-format is used much more often.

    *) could you make the template options (in ctf option panel) collapsible?

    *) could you make an ajax-reload when saving changes at template, ctf shortcode, php and css (in ctf option panel)?

    all three things would make it much faster when developing.

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  • *) shortcode for inserting all ctf-data from posts/pages in (for e.g.) a specified category. simply the shortcode-ability to fetch data from more than one post/page

    *) in ctf option panel: template- and format-textareas as list, so that 2 textares can be juxtaposed/next to each other. this would save a lot of space and would mean less scrolling.

    *) like with templates in ctf option panel: ability/textarea to make notes for format(s).

    *) same to checkboxes and radio button so they could get css formated below the write panel to save space.


    EDIT: 1st post ajax reload: would make editing of ex. format & template in step possible. at the moment you can only edit/save one at a time.

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