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  • Thanks for the idea. I have been using rc: Custom Fields GUI, for years. This plugin says it is like that one, but reloaded.

    I only wish it would offer the option of a Multiple Select drop-down, or Multiple Select Checkboxes.

    So you could ask the question / key: Name All Your Favorite Fruit (check all that apply):

    Currently I think there is only the option for “Select 1” (aka radio button).

    Thank you for using the custom field template plugin. I added some functionalities in the version 0.4.

    I added the mediaButton option in the textarea. The default is set as false. If you want to use media buttons, add ‘mediaButton = true’.

    Multiple fields with the same key are supported. Something like this.

    [Favorite Animal]
    type = checkbox
    value = dog
    checked = true

    [Favorite Animal]
    type = checkbox
    value = cat
    hideKey = true

    [Favorite Animal]
    type = checkbox
    value = monkey
    hideKey = true

    ‘hideKey’ is the option for hiding the field name.


    Hiroaki, I just saw this post. I already wrote a reply in the other thread about this plugin.

    I see your method for making multiple fields with the same value.

    It looks OK, I will try it.

    I was picturing something slightly different, but it looks like your method could work instead.

    I thought it would be something like this,

    [Favorite Fruits – Check All That Apply]
    type = multiple-checkbox
    value = Apples # Oranges # Banana

    I will try your other method instead.

    I added the way you mentioned in the version 0.4.4.
    You can set like this.

    [Favorite Fruits]
    type = checkbox
    value = apple # orange # banana # grape
    default = orange # grape

    I hope this will work well in your situation.

    Thanks! I saw this post. I’m going to try the new version soon (within the next week when I get time to change my plugins)

    Wonderful plugin. You saved my life today Hiroaki! Thanks.

    A little option to clear radio buttons would be nice ;). Sometimes an user can choose a wrong option. Yes, its possible to create an empty radio button, but it looks a little ugly staying there alone |D.

    I added the option clearButton = true in radio buttons in the version 0.5.0. So you can create an empty radio button, even though the default is checked. I hope it will work well. Thanks.

    ANOTHER REQUEST about adding labels or instructions

    Hiroaki, I have another feature request for Custom Fields Template.

    Can you add the ability to write more “labels” or “instructions” for my Authors to see, near (above, below, beside) each custom field in the Write Post area?

    Currently, and with the old predecessor plugin rc:customfields, I have to use another “fake” custom field just to write the instructions. Because I don’t want the instructions to be written and displayed in the KEY.

    Example, I use this work-around. I want the Authors to understand what the “Map” field means. You have to put a URL in the map field, for it to work on my site. So I have a second custom field with the key “NOTE Map ABOVE is a hyperlink linking to Google Earth XML map”. The only reason for this 2nd field, is just to display the instructions.

    type = textarea
    rows = 3
    cols = 40

    [NOTE Map ABOVE is a hyperlink enclosed a href tags linking to Google Earth XML map]
    type = textarea
    rows = 1
    cols = 1

    I was thinking, maybe you can add a feature called “Label”.

    Maybe it would work like this:

    type = textarea
    rows = 3
    cols = 40
    label = “NOTE Map ABOVE is a hyperlink enclosed a href tags linking to Google Earth XML map”

    Thank you again for improving this great plugin Hiroaki Miyashita.

    ANOTHER REQUEST about the Display of Keys under Write Post

    Under the Write Post page where you can see the Custom Field Templates — can you make the “Key” appear ABOVE the field for the value, instead of on the left?

    OR, can you make each “Key” name to be Right-Aligned, instead of Centered?

    Currently it does not line up nicely. The Key names are far to the left, and the Value fields are pushed far to the right. This is because some of my Key names are short words, and some of them are “Lots of long words for the key name” thus pushing all the field boxes off to the right.


    Can you make the “Template” drop-down, optional? I’m only going to use one Custom Fields Template. It will just have the 7 or 8 custom fields that I want my Authors to always use.

    I don’t want them to see the drop-down menu for choosing other templates. It’s just a bit confusing, it looks like it IS another custom field that they need to select from.

    Is your site wordpressgogo? If that is you, Hiroaki, I will send a small donation as Thanks for this plugin. I know I’ve asked a lot of suggestions, and you did the 1st thing with Multiple Checkboxes. Very nice. It is useful, and I am happy someone is developing it after I waited 1 year with no changes in the predecessor plugin rc:customfields.

    Hi Dgold,
    Thank you for your requests every time. I released the version 0.5.2. I added the label option in every field type, so you can use something like label = NOTE Map ABOVE is a hyperlink enclosed a href tags linking to Google Earth XML map. The custom field template select box is displayed only if it has multiple templates. So if only one template is set, the drop-down box is not shown. I adopted the css design of custom field templates. You can set css in the setting page. The following is an example of which keys are above fields.

    #cft dl { clear:both; margin:0; padding:0; width:100%; }
    #cft dt { font-weight:bold; margin:0; text-align:left; }
    #cft dt .hideKey { display:none; }
    #cft dd { margin:0; text-align:left; }
    #cft dd p.label { font-weight:bold; margin:0; }

    Yes, my site is . I really appreciate your support donation. Thanks.

    Awesome! It keeps getting better! And so I sent a donation on your site, and again, thanks for updating this.

    I’m trying it with this CSS right now. If anyone else can make it better, please post.

    #cft dl { clear:both; margin:0; padding:0; width:100%; }
    #cft dt { font-weight:bold; margin-top:4px; text-align:left; font-size: 150%}
    #cft dt .hideKey { display:none; }
    #cft dd { margin-left:8px; text-align:left; }
    #cft dd p.label { font-weight:bold; margin-top: 8px; }

    Is it possible in my templates to call only certain of the custom fields?

    For example, on page template A, I’d like to show a “teaser” thumbnail picture next to an article’s headline. However, on page template B, I’d like to show a big picture above the post’s headline. So how could I do this?

    Forgive me if this is something obvious that I missed! 🙂 Thanks!


    Study this

    You get get the code there for showing just 1 of the custom fields at a time.

    Or you can use this plugin,

    Sounds like you already knew about php the_meta which is used for showing Allllll your custom fields (key-value pairs).

    Note the code I requested in this thread, MichaelH says how to EXCLUDE certain custom fields from the_meta so you can use the_meta to show all your custom fields EXCEPT a few certain ones.


    Awesome! Thanks so much! The particular piece of script I ended up using was:

    <?php $mykey_values = get_post_custom_values('Thumbnail');
      foreach ( $mykey_values as $key => $value ) { echo "$value"; }?>

    …where ‘Thumbnail’ was the name of the custom field.

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