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  • Ok here is the thing…

    I have to make for every custom field two values out of three possible, because i need it for search with dropdown menu(I’m using Custom field search plugit which is really great)

    so for example for apartements website I have custom field named
    TELEVISION with three possible values YES,NO and NEVERMIND and the values that are picked are YES and NEVERMIND because if user doesn’t care if the apartement has the TV he will pick NEVERMIND on search form…

    The problem is that when I display that custom field on that apartement page then it displays both values YES and NEVERMIND…

    There are two solutions:
    1. if possible I could display only one value (but i don’t know how)
    2.Make an IF statement or something when NEVERMIND is picked that it doesn’t affect the search, then I wouldn’t have to put two values in custom field (againi don’t know how)

    Please help people 🙂
    I hope you understand me, I get so confused when i have to describe stuff in english which i don’t understand

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  • this forum really works great i’m answering to my own questions…thank you guys really…..

    if anybody had the same problem here is the answer:
    so i’ve found out by accident that problem can be solved in custom field search, when adding NEVERMIND i have to put “:” in front of it :NEVERMIND so it won’t affect search

    one more question: if anybody knows how to display an image instead of text… so if i hae custom field with value YES i would like it to display the image ofcheck mark, and if i have value NO i would like it to display image ofx check mark

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